BIAS AGM – Finance Report for the Year ending 31st May 2016

At the Associations AGM, in David Gathergood’s absence, Adam Hobbs read Finance Officers report

Finance Report for the Year ending 31st May 2016

David Gathergood
David Gathergood, Treasurer of BIAS

Once again I am pleased to report that we have ended the year in a very strong financial position. The drop in income has continued by approx. £600 this year. This will need to be addressed by next year’s committee but although members have dropped the numbers joining our face book site has increased.

This year has been a comparatively quiet time financially with our main expenditure being on survey monkey (£299} and membership costs (£685). The balance of our expenditure has been on meeting expenses.

The net result of this is that we have ended the year with a surplus of £3277 resulting in a bank balance of £14198 which I think you will agree is a very satisfactory position and leaves us in a strong position for any future initiatives in respect of the new stadium.

Once again thank you for your continued support which enables BIAS to continue as a strong independent voice.