Whole Game Solution – Bees fans make their views known

Our survey indicates that Brentford fans do not want to see the EFL’s “Whole Game Solution” proposals implemented.

BIAS surveyed members and the wider Bees family after the proposals became public. The BIAS committee have already given feedback to the club on the proposals, and we will make sure the club see and take into account the views of fans given in this survey.

The survey is still open so if you haven’t given us your opinion, it’s not too late to be heard. Survey findings so far:
Club v Country:
Only 10% would support WGS even if England team were GUARANTEED to win a major tournament as a result.

Fewer fixtures + Winter Break:
Over 90% are happy with the current number of fixtures, and would not want more or fewer.
More than 75% of fans do NOT want a winter break.

Midweek fixtures:
The expected increase in season ticket sales without midweek fixtures doesn’t appear – more fans said they would be less likely to buy a season ticket without midweek fixtures than said they would be more likely.
More than 60% said midweek games are no harder, or easier to get to, with only 13% finding it significantly harder to attend midweek.

League 3
We have been pleased to see the EFL rule out bringing in teams from anywhere other than the National League, however our survey shows a strong majority (65%) of fans object to the introduction of a League 3 regardless.

Ticket prices
Fans would not accept price rises to make up for lost revenue from fewer matches – almost three quarters said they would be “angry”, and more than 80% would expect a pro-rate reduction in season ticket prices.

Who responded?
Home attendance: 0-9: games 16%, 10-14 games: 9%, 15-19 games: 16%, 20+ games: 58%
Away attendance: 0-9: games 70%, 10-14 games: 18%, 15-19 games: 6%, 20+ games: 6%
Season tickets: 68%, Members: 24%, Neither 8%