New Road Gantry – Apology and Compensation

BIAS welcomes the club’s apology, actions to reduce the problems with the new TV gantry and the compensation that is now being offered to some affected fans.


BIAS has been in constant communication with the Club about the gantry to represent fans’ views and get a good outcome.


We met with both Kurt Pittman and Alan Walsh on New Road after the Nottingham Forest match. This was constructive and led to the club replacing the cladding around the gantry with clear perspex in time for the next home game against Sheffield Wednesday.


BIAS met again with the club after the Sheffield Wednesday game to see the improvements in person and talk about the matter further. The clear cladding has increased visibility for most, but not all. We recognise that not all fans that have been affected by the extension of the TV gantry are satisfied with the result but the club has stated that it had no choice but to expand the gantry.


As a result, the Club has now written to affected fans apologising for not informing them directly of the changes to the New Road TV gantry and offering what it calls a ‘good will gesture’ to those whose views both Brentford FC believe are still significantly affected after the clear cladding was added.