EFL’s proposed changes – “The Whole Game Solution”

The FSF has released details of the EFL’s proposals to clubs for changes to the makeup of the football league, including the introduction of a “League 3” and the reduction in the number of teams in the Championship to 20 – losing 8 fixtures from the calendar, including four home matches, and introducing a winter break. These proposals are known as the Whole Game Solution. The EFL has put together these proposals without structured fan consultation, and the vast majority of clubs have not consulted their fans on this, although some clubs, such as AFC Wimbledon have spoken publicly against these proposals.

BIAS highlighted this issue to the club in our last quarterly meeting, and it was agreed that we would have a fuller consultation with the club after we had more information and could survey our members. Before that could happen, the EFL sent out the consultation letter that has been released publicly this week. As a result of the respect the club has for BIAS, Mark Devlin called BIAS to talk through the proposals in the letter last weekend. Unfortunately there was not the time to do a full survey of our membership before this meeting but the BIAS committee gave our own views on the proposals.

The BIAS committee do not believe that the Whole Game Solution proposals are in the interest of EFL clubs or supporters. We made clear our objections and reasoning to Mark in detail at the weekend, and we will post these on the BIAS website later. That said, BIAS is a membership organisation, so we will also be creating a survey for members to let us know their views on the proposals.

BIAS believes that supporters should have been part of the development of these proposals from the beginning, and believe that the EFL has so far completely disregarded supporters’ views in these proposals. BIAS are pleased that Brentford FC are leading the way in consultation on the Whole Game Solution by engaging with us proactively, and we have made it clear that Bees fans’ views should be fundamentally important in the club’s decision on how to vote on these proposals.

BIAS will continue to work to make sure that Bees fans are involved in all key decisions like this.