BIAS discuss Match Day pricing with BFC

On Monday BIAS met with Kurt Pittman and Rosina Jones from the club to talk about next season’s ticket pricing, put forward the views of our members, and work to get a better deal for fans.


We heard about the way that the pricing levels are set, and about how the club is using data to make informed decisions, and saw some of the ways this information is being used to try and grow the fanbase.

Over the last few weeks, we have asked our membership for their views on the current ticket pricing arrangements, and we put the outcomes of this forward for discussion. Comments from our members through the survey and direct communication included:

• The overwhelming feeling was that fans are currently at their “limit” with the level of pricing

• Some groups are happier than others, with fans generally more content with Season Ticket and Junior prices than other ticket groups.

• Many fans expressed that the rates for match prices (on the day and advance) are too high, and that it makes it harder to go to matches, and harder to encourage others to attend.

• A number of our fans with disabilities expressed that they didn’t feel the facilities reflected the price they were paying for tickets, and that anyway they were below the standard they should be.

• Several of our fans feel that the age for Seniors should be 60 not 65

• Fans who travel to games would like to see notice on home ticket prices to be announced at least 12 weeks before a game to allow them to make decisions on which games to attend, and to buy train tickets at the time when they can get best value.

Fans like the new buy-back scheme, but would like to be able to register their tickets earlier (even if they don’t go on sale straight away).

• Several fans asked about the potential for “goodwill” pricing for away fans to encourage better pricing for Brentford fans when we travel.

• Some fans felt that ticket information (particularly pricing information) was hard to find on the website (though this has since been improved – let us know what you think!).

• Some fans would like the club to explore Direct Debit season ticket payment to help make tickets more affordable (rather than the current finance option)

Our discussion around these issues was frank on both sides, and we went into some detail about the ways that the club could facilitate these, and of course the reasons why it should! A number of potential changes were talked about and we look forward to seeing positive action from the club when next year’s pricing structure is announced.

BIAS will continue to work closely with, and put pressure on, the club to make games affordable and fair for fans.