Fulham Police and Pub Update

With Saturday’s game at Fulham fast approaching, BIAS committee members Anna Mason and Gemma Teale met with Police, Club and other fan representatives to discuss the arrangements for away fans on the day. It was a very interesting meeting, and we were able to give feedback on policing and arrangements at previous fixtures as well as receiving information.
Below is some of the key information Brentford fans need for Saturday:
Pubs and bars
The most frequent question we are asked is about in which pubs Brentford fans will be welcome. Below is a list of pubs that have stated that they will, or won’t, be accepting football fans:
Brentford only pubs
  • The Kings Arms
  • The Temperance
  • The Eight Bells
  • The Dukes Head
Fulham only pubs
  • The Crabtree
  • The Durrell Arms
  • The Golden Lion
  • Zulu Bar
  • The Railway
  • The Fox
Football fans not welcome
  • Star & Garter
  • The Rocket
Please note that these are the only pubs that have confirmed to the Police they will be enforcing an admission policy.  Fans are welcome to try other pubs not listed here.
Around the ground 
The police have advised us that they are able to use “powers of dispersal” in dealing with anyone who is or may be about to be engaged in anti-social behaviour. This includes the use of video cameras. There may also be restrictions on how fans leave the ground and the routes taken.
It is important to note that Hammersmith and Fulham does not allow the drinking of alcohol on the street. This is not the case in Wandsworth, so be aware that you could be carrying a beer across the bridge and be committing an offence on one side and not the other.
We have also been advised that all trains will be “dry” on Saturday, although this is not related to the match.  South West Trains have confirmed this will not apply to services through Putney on Saturday, we are seeking confirmation from the BTP regarding this statement. 
There will be searches at the ground, and fans with large bags may have to put them into a left luggage facility. Handbags and smaller bags will be searched. Obviously this will slow down entrance to the ground so it would be a good idea to arrive earlier than you might normally.
Ground rules and stewarding
Fulham as standard employ sniffer dogs to find drugs and pyro, so obviously don’t bring these! Flags need a fire certificate and can only be fixed to the back wall. We have been told that stewarding is friendly but strict about standing in aisles, and fans will be removed if they refuse to move from the aisles.
For information on the day, follow @MPSHammFul on Twitter for updates.