Redacted Minutes of the BIAS Committee Meeting on the 23rd November 2015

Below are the redacted minutes of Monday’s Committee meeting

In attendance:
Richard Merritt (Chair)
Adam Hobbs (Secretary)
Anna Mason
Lisa O’Brien
Kath Richardson
Phil Marchant

Apologies were received from Gemma Teale, Sam Bolton and David Gathegood

1. Minutes of the last meeting:
The minutes of the last meeting on the 21st September were passed as accurate. There was a discussion about the date of meetings and how these are announced to the committee. Richard stated that these are in the BIAS calendar, however this is only circulated periodically via e-mail. Adam suggested creating a public Google calendar, Kath concurred and said it can be embedded in our website.
ACTION: Adam to create public calendar, Kath and Adam to collaborate with embedding in website

2. Finance Update
A full finance update not available as David was not present, however he did send a brief advance notice stating our balance.

3. Membership Update
Phil confirmed there was nothing to update about, Adam stated that our current number is members is around the 630 mark. Richard mentioned that we have a good following on Facebook and Twitter, the latter at around 2,300 followers. Adam tried to demo SumAll which provides Twitter analytics, however this now appears to be a paid feature.
ACTION: Adam to investigate alternative analytics tools.


4. FSF Update

Gemma attended the FSF National Council Meeting which was held in Manchester on Sunday and provided an update to the BIAS  Committee via e-mail.


5. Pricing ideas for 2016/17
Pricing ideas were discussed for the 2016/17 season. It was noted that we should feed these issues back into the club as soon as possible, as there is the likelihood that the budget will be signed off very soon.

The committee discussed things they liked about the current pricing and then things they did not like. This will then enable the ability to automatically sort and prioritise and to enable easy feedback to the club

6. BIAS Manifesto
The Manifesto will be circulated for any updates. Adam suggested that we should put up an article asking members if they would like us to add anything. This does not mean we will add something, as RM confirmed that someone does need to champion it. Adam stated that a manifesto item can be championed by a non-committee member.
ACTION: Adam to create article asking members for suggestions of things to be added to the manifesto

7. Fulham Away
Anna and Gemma will be attending a meeting with the Police at Craven Cottage on Thursday 3rd December. The committee has asked that Pubs and communication are the talking points that need to be discussed. We would like to have clarity on the plan and to also circulate it prior to the match.

Kath mentioned that the @mpsfootballunit twitter account was useful for keeping track of police football plans, however it is one account for all teams in the MPS area.

ACTION: Anna and Gemma to attend police meeting at Craven Cottage

8. Matchday Survey
Richard stated match day survey can be launched at any time. We need to get this out soon. Anna will draft an article on and add a question on the survey.

Lisa to create an article on gathering ticket pricing feedback.

It was suggested that we could use the snap poll feature in Twitter to get a quick idea of various issues, such as “have you had trouble purchasing from the online ticketing office”.

Richard indicated that we hadn’t renewed our Survey Monkey licence, Adam did not think this was the case.

ACTION: Richard/ Anna to confirm if Survey Monkey licence has been renewed
ACTION: Anna to update matchday survey and publish if agreed by committee
ACTION: Lisa to create article on pricing feedback
ACTION: Adam to investigate Twitter polls

9. AOB
Various other points were during the meeting and we decided that they should be carried forward to our next meeting with the club.

The meeting finished at 21:21

Next meeting with the club has been proposed for 8th December– Richard to approach Kurt Pittman/Chris Wickham

Next committee meeting 15th December.