Change to BIAS Constitution

Following the BIAS AGM on the 17th October 2015 to constitution has been amended. This is a change which was proposed to ensure that in the event of a Committee Member standing down we give all members an opportunity to put themselves forward to be co-opted.

Section 5.9 now reads as follows:

5.9. If any members of the Executive Committee retire, resign, or leave the Committee for any reason, the remaining members shall have the power to co-opt replacements. All members so co-opted will have full Committee powers and will hold office until the next Annual General Meeting.  Seven days notification must be given to the membership before a new committee member can be co-opted. This is to allow the membership the opportunity to put themselves forward should they wish, if there is more than one candidate, the committee will vote, unless there are fewer than two meetings scheduled before the next AGM, in which case the candidates will stand for election in the normal way.

You can view the BIAS Constitution in full here.