Feedback from the BIAS AGM

Saturday BIAS AGM was well attended with Club employees on hand to give updates and to answer questions directly.

The BIAS AGM was held on Saturday prior to Brentford FC’s home game against Rotherham United.

David Gathergood delivered the Finance Officer report in which he relayed that the long term trend in membership continues upwards and thanked the membership for their ongoing support which enables BIAS to continue as a strong independent voice.

Richard Merritt delivered the Chairperson’s annual report on the previous year’s activities in which it was stated that by BIAS standards, last season was, thankfully, rather quiet but the Association has remained strong and has grown in many areas.

The Chair relayed that BIAS had launched its own manifesto and in doing so made a series of commitments to Brentford fans that provides the Association with a good sense of ownership and a sense of direction whilst explaining to Brentford FC supporter’s what we as an Independent Association are about and what we want to achieve.

The following were elected as the officers of the Association:
• Richard Merritt – Chair
• David Gathergood – Finance Officer
• Adam Hobbs – Secretary

In addition the following were elected as the members of the Executive Committee:
• Sam Bolton
• Phil Marchant
• Anna Mason
• Lisa O’Brien
• Kath Richardson
• Jan Smith
• Gemma Teale

Rhys Williams gave an update on the Lionel Road project.

Kurt Pitman who was in attendance was able to directly address some of the questions that arose in ‘Any Other Business’.
The minutes of the meeting will be published on the BIAS website soon