Drink tea with BIAS

teapigs no airs no gracesNick Kilby, Director of Brentford’s only tea company teapigs is the
latest member of BIAS.

Having visited Griffin Park several times last year (this is the sort of
team bonding office excursion BIAS likes to promote) he and his wife now
have their own season tickets.

teapigs has their own perimeter board and regularly advertises in the
programme, showing a strong commitment to Brentford FC.

The reason for telling you all this is not that we like Nick (which we
do) or that we like teapigs (which we also do), but that BIAS members
will now get a 15% discount on teapigs online orders (excluding cheeky
deals, bulk buys, gift packs). Simply quote BIAS15 as the promotion code
in your order.

Off to put the kettle on now. Tea, anyone?