Brentford WFC – Introducing the Team

Hello All, This week I am going to introduce you to all the players in the team but not by the most traditional way, I asked the ladies for help.

Brentford Women's FC 2015-16
Top row
Karleigh Osborne, Emily Reynolds, Amanda Osborne, Lisa Board, Sonyia Jones, Shayni Marriner, Hodo Mohamed, Lucy Gibson, Geraldine Burgess, Aisha-Dior Lutumba, Eda Demiralay, Ryan Peters (Manager)
Bottom row
Naomi Totten, Mollie Holmes, Sophie Troth (Vice Captain), Lisa Grant (Captain), Priscilla Camniba, Caroline Brooks, Sasha Tredaway, Charlotte St.Pierre, Charlotte Tanner (Club Captain).

We are all in a big contact group together so all day i fired names at random into the group. The ladies had to come up with characteristics about that player. We had a day full of fun from this, several phones had to be charged more than once, Charlotte’s phone froze from all the messages and Caroline finished work….looked at her phone to receive 368 messages from our group alone! It brought us all together and the banter was epic!

So here are 26 signed players and their thoughts on each other.

The first name to get thrown into the group was Mollie Holmes, who is currently holding up our midfield. The ladies described her as confident, quirky and happy. She distributes the ball well and is strong on the ball.

She also works along side a new face to the team Alia Haggag, described as Skilful, intelligent and someone who has quick feet with the ball.

Another new bee to the team is the lovely Sara Collins, who has an amazing strike on her, very talented. I can not wait to see her goal tally at the end of the season!

Along side her upfront you have the one and only Sonyia Jones, who is bold, funny, strong and loud.

Another chatterbox in the team is Naomi Totten, who is easy going, supportive and hard working. One thing about Naomi is that she loves to chat!!

Also playing up front is Eda Demiralay, who is left footed, ‘Epic’, skilful and loud.

We only have two of them in the team and Amber Langston-Lloyd is the other left footed player on the team. Amber is very athletic, fit and healthy, hardworking and friendly. If she comes down to training with her hair in a side plait we all Nick name her Elsa from Frozen!

At the back with her there is the ‘big sister’ of the team Amanda Osborne, who is a team player, very loud, (got to watch her mouth sometimes), honest and committed. She looks out for all of us!

Working next to her is Sasha Tredaway who clears the ball well, quick and loud.

You also have Priscilla Camnimba, who is also loud, always laughing, solid and honest.
If you think you have to watch out for those three and stay away from Lisa Board, this lady gives it her all every game! She is passionate, solid and committed.

Let’s flip this…the defenders never want this player to have too much time on the ball and that is our one and only captain Lisa Grant. Who is said to be ‘defenders worst nightmare’, Determined, Superwoman and always up for a battle. As Captain she is also there for everyone on the team and a good leader of the pack.

Another skilful player is Hodo Mohammed out on the wing, with her quick feet, intelligence and smile she can spin defenders around in circles.

Beating Hodo for speed is Dana Johnson, Usain Bolt crossed Theiry Henry. This girl can out pass all of us and is very athletic and has a good strike on her.

Other than speed you have to have some skill…Shayni Marriner who in the conversation has been referred to as Messi. She is skilful and quietly confident on the pitch.

If you want a singsong then pop into the company of Aisha-Dior, with a lovely vocal voice she has a great vision of the game and loves a goal from outside the box.

If Aisha doesn’t turn your frown upside down then Charlotte St. Pierre definitely will she is always joking round, messing with you and making you laugh, when it comes to football she is a key part of our team.

Then you have Sophie Troth (Vice Captain), my prediction for the season is that she will get most prats of the game this season for showing herself up in some way. She is a massive boy band fan and follows them around the country at concerts and signings. She also has the longest hair on the pitch, everyone is jealous about that.

The other Sophie on the team Sophie Lee is a ‘Warrior’ she never gives up and is dedicated to the game. Also a little shout out to her Mum (Helen) and her boyfriend Miles who is there to support us every game and takes brilliant photo’s of our matches.

Moving away from football and onto style…Sarah is the one, always got her hair gelled and her car is spotless…it’s like her baby!

As well on the wing you have the Lucy Gibson who holds up the ball well and is confident.

You also have Emily Reynolds and Geraldine Burgess, these two lovely ladies can be a bit clumsy sometimes! Geraldine is by far the most flexible player on the team and Emily is always cheerful.

Standing between the two posts we have Caroline Brooks and Rebecca Collins. Caroline who says she is half retired but none of us want to believe that! She is a lovely person and great in goal especially when coming out to close down strikers.

Rebecca is new to the team and settling in well, she came from Maidenhead Ladies and I can’t wait to see what journey she has with us.
And Finally me, Charlotte Tanner, Club Captain, apparently I keep the team together and am committed 100% on and off the pitch.

As you can tell from these brief descriptions we had a very funny day talking about everyone!, I hope this gives you an insight to what the ladies are like on and off the pitch. It gives me a sense of pride knowing and playing along side these lovely group of ladies. I hope they enjoyed it and they take this into the game on Sunday being together as a team and working together to achieve the main goal.

Let’s quickly recap on the last few weeks!

We hosted our first home game of the season back on the 13th of September against Colne Valley.

Team lineup: Becky, Sophie, Amanda, Sacha, shayni, Hodo, Mollie, Alia, Lisa, Aisha, Sonyia. Substitutes were; SophieT, Naomi, Gel, Priscilla.

We took Colne Valley all the way to the final whistle and played some very nice football. We started very well and saw a good chunk of possession. As the ladies pushed for a goal, they were caught cold by a striker who ran through 2 challenges by both central defenders to slot the ball into the far corner. Making it 1-0.

Second half started the same as the first with Brentford pushing for an equaliser only to be undone with more bad defending, making it 2-0. Brentford got back into the game when Hodo was first to a cross in the box. At 1-2 Brentford looked sharp and poised to get an equaliser, only for another goal to go in against us. The final score ended up 2-1 to Colne Valley. Becky Collins in goal was brilliant and deserved the Lady of the Game award! Colne Valley sit at the top of the league unbeaten.

On Sunday the ladies travelled just over Putney Bridge to play against Regents Park Ranger for a league game. Before the game we were sitting in 10th place striving to get some points on the table and Regents Park Rangers were sitting just above us with one point.

The starting line up was; Becky Collins, Sophie Lee, Amanda Obsorne, Sasha Tredaway, Amber Langston Lloyd, Hodo Mohammed, Mollie Holmes , Alia Haggag, Shayni Marriner Lisa Grant (C) and Maria Jones. On the bench for Brentford was Naomi Totten, Sophie Troth, Eda Demiralay Lisa Board and Priscilla Camninba.

The first half was very eventful, Regent Park Ranger went up 2-0 very quickly into the game. That’s when the action started. We managed to get a goal back from good play up front, finding the back of the net, making it 2-1. Not long after the restart, we were awarded a free kick when the referee had to consult the linesman about one of their players kicking one of our players off the ball.

The referee ‘did not see’ the incident therefore could not produce any cards. Amanda Osborne sent the ball flying into their box where Lisa beat their defender. Regents Park Rangers did not take this well and decided to take our Captain out. After a little heated dispute we were awarded a penalty and the player was shown a yellow card. Mollie Holmes stepped up confidently pointing to the right side of the goal and sending the ball into the back of the net left side. 2-2.

The whistle blew for half time with a very eventful end to the first half. Unfortunately the second half did not go our way either, the very long grass was not helpful either. The game ended 4-2 to Regents Park Rangers.

This weeks training session saw twenty five ladies in action, working hard and determined to get into the side for this Sunday’s league game. I did mention to the ladies that we should do our own version of Matt Dawson’s #hakarena but we kept it to just football at training on Wednesday night. No dancing…yet!

v Northwood
v Northwood

On Sunday we play Northwood FC at home in Hounslow! Why not bring the family and come and support us in our League game. Venue: Lampton School, Lampton Avenue, Hounslow TW3 4EP.


See you there!

Bees you later

Charlotte Tanner