Notes from the August 29th Committee Meeting

The notes from Saturday’s BIAS committee meeting are reported below

The meeting was attended by the following Committee members Richard Merritt, David Gathergood Kath Richardson, Adam Hobbs, Darrel Goddard, and Anna Mason with apologies from and Gemma Teale, Phil Marchant, Tom Moore and Lisa O’Brien. Two other members were also in attendance

Finance update

David Gathergood provided a finance update via e-mail and the Associations finances remain very healthy and will be audited in the coming weeks in preparation for the AGM in October

David mentioned that the HSBC bank has asked us to fill out a large questionnaire with regards to money laundering regulations.  This needs to be completed by Richard.

Membership Update

Our Membership records are currently being audited for lapsed standing orders.

This seasons membership cards are going to the printers on Tuesday

It was agreed that we should try to recruit those who follow us on social media to become full members

Lionel Road Stadium Liaison Group feedback.

In Phil’s absence Richard give an update of the STAG meeting.  The minutes of which will be circulated separately.

Match day Experience team

Anna confirmed that the Match Day experience survey has been refreshed, however as the club have just done their survey and will soon be contacting fans again for the stadium it was agreed that we do not want to overload people with surveys.  The Survey is to be sent to the Committee for there feedback and has been scheduled for a forthcoming home game.

BIAS Website

Richard stated the website was getting some good feedback, Paul Stedman has created quite a few excellent graphics for various pages and news stories and these gave the site a more vibrant feel.

Vernon Clements had also created banners for all of the BIAS Facebook groups and these were being used on twitter top attract new members as and cover images for Exiled Bees News stories

It was agreed that we need to schedule tweets at multiple times using TweetDeck rather than just once.  Various solutions were discussed and action points taken

Bloggers and Tweeters

Richard stated that we had a positive reaction so far and Carl Massey’s blogs and Mick C’s match reports were also popular.  Adam relayed that we had expression of interest from two other people and Richard agreed to contact them both

BIAS Manifesto

The Committee agreed to a new BIAS manifesto and in doing so the Association has made a series of commitments to Brentford fans

The manifesto not only includes the current and ongoing campaigns such as for the new Community stadium at Lionel Road and to improve the Matchday Experience, but it also includes group and individual pledges from BIAS members who have undertaken lead roles that are to the benefit of Brentford supporters

The BIAS manifesto will be published on the BIAS website shortly

Fans Forum

Richard announced that the Club had agreed to host a Fans Forum in September. The date is still subject to final confirmation and an announcement will be made on the BIAS website hopefully later this week

The Fans’ Remembrance game

The date for the Fans Remembrance game to remember the lives of all Brentford supporters who have died in 2015 has been set and will be communicated on the BIAS website once we have been given confirmation that the Club stuff have been briefed and informed.

Autumn catch Up

A further meeting between the BIAS Committee and the Football Club employees, where two way feedback will be shared a given, has been arranged for later this month