FSF Away Fans Survey 2015-16

This is an ambitious Football Supporters Federation (FSF) project is now in its third year and it aims to measure the experience of the travelling fan


The ultimate aim is to improve the away fans’ experience and encourage more fans to travel to watch their team. To understand what keeps fans committed to travelling and to the sacrifices you make? What do we look for as a travelling fan? Likes? Dislikes? What makes us feel valued?


You can score their experiences allowing the FSF to build a data set which can be used to accurately assess the facilities, customer service and elements of policing and stewarding at as many grounds as possible, using established customer service methods.


The FSF and BIAS hope that you will return to complete this survey for future matches.
All of your answers to the questions regarding your matchday experience should be with reference to a specific AWAY match that you have attended in the 2015/16 season which you will be asked to identified in Question 5.


The survey results are shared with organisations such as BIAS could allow us to give advice for upcoming away games and also to raise issues and concerns of fans travelling to Griffin Park.


The Survey will only take a couple of minutes to complete and all of your answers are given anonymously, and no personal or identifying data will be passed on to third parties. Ever.