Notes from the 3rd August BIAS meeting

Here are the notes from the last BIAS committee meeting

The meeting was attended by Richard Merritt, Kath Richardson, Tom Moore, Lisa O’Brien, Adam Hobbs, Phil Marchant, Darrel Goddard, and Anna Mason with apologies from David Gathergood and Gemma Teale.

David Gathergood provided a finance update via e-mail and the Associations finances are very healthy.

It was decided that the Membership card design for 2105-16 season will remain the same, and that we should use the same company as last year to get them produce with a target of the start of September to get them mailed out.

Lisa O’Brien provided the committee with update on the Police liaison meeting: The main issues discussed were with regards to how the pub split for Fulham and QPR would be handled and BIAS will contact the Police about this, to ensure that all parties are aware of the situations.

It was agreed that BIAS should commit to a number of match day experience surveys over the course of the season plus an additional survey to review about the close season, season tickets, communications etc.

Feedback was given from the last Lionel Road Liaison Group meeting which focussed mainly on discussing about Transport issues and they have asked for a representative from one of the transport bodies to attend the next meeting.

The CPO hearing will be in September, once that happens BFCLR will start supporters consultations – first will be to look and feel focus groups. An action was taken to request that BIAS be involved with this initiative.

The BIAS STAG (Stadium Action Group) are to have another meeting with Brentford FC / Lionel Road Stadium Limited.

Anna Mason provided a summary of the Football Supporters Federation summit. It was agreed that BIAS would use Gemma Teale’s report to the Committee to create a listing if Items that may want articles to challenge perceived wisdom, entertain readers and inform our members. Suggested articles at the meeting were, Boycott FIFA sponsors, Fans for diversity and LGBT.

The BIAS committee agreed to allocate £200 towards the running costs of West Country Mini-Bus as around 20 Bees fans used the West Country minibus last season. The money is to be used so that the organisers can advertise set prices allow fans to know what they are going to pay in adbvance and to ensure that the organisers are not out of pocket.

Phil Marchant provide an update with regards to Hey Jude BIAS’ performance at Worldnet. Our team drew 1 match and lost 3 but all of the players had a great time.

James Wickes has taken over running Hey Jude BIAS FC.

It was agreed that we were letting ourselves down by not updating our website. It was agreed that we would provide feedback on BIAS meetings with articles such as this and that we should invite people to write Blogs for the website.

Following a suggest from Lisa it was agreed that a standing item on the agenda should be to decide which subjects for the coming month that we should seek Blogs for. It was also agreed that we will publish regular reminders of the individual Membership benefits.

The BIAS AGM will take place before the Rotherham United game on the 17th October. The notice will go out with the membership cards and that BIAS should list campaigns that the Association are going to be involved in as part of the announcement.

Kath Richardson raised the issue about “How to get on the Football clubs database”. Various options and scenarios were discussed. The most popular were schemes such as “refer a friend or live locally”. It was agreed that BIAS would write to the Club with a suggested improvement that those living in “TW8 only with proof of address” should be legible.

The Committee discussed the issues being raised with regards to Westham’s new stadium by supporters group from Charlton. It was agreed that whilst we were sympathetic to their cause we would not get actively get involved but would publicise the BBC TV programme.

It was queried if Brentford FC were now paying the London Living Wage and it was agreed that we would e-mail Mark Devlin for an update also asking if this includes sub-contractors & suppliers.

It was suggested and agreed that we should change our match-day reporting and matchday tweeting approach to focus on atmosphere/experience more than running commentary.

A formal congratulation was recorded to Gemma Teale for being elected to the FSF national council.

The Next meeting 29th August at the Griffin upstairs 11:00am