Bringing together exiled Bees

The announcement of our West Country Branches mini buses prices to matches at Griffin Park has certainly created a lot of interest in our Network of exiled Bees fans

Our Regional and International branches really started to flourish last season bringing exiled Bees fans together and it is anticipated that they will all continue to grow during this seasons campaign.

We currently have 31 Regional co-ordinators and 8 International co-ordinators who help to bring Brentford fans together around the UK and the globe.

If you would like to connect with other Bees fans in your area, are interested in group travel, via train, mini buses or car sharing then please get involved.

Each region/ country has its own Facebook group so that you can post about the Bees or share your Bees related Facebook posts with other fans located near to you and a Regional Coorinator or Coordinators who can be contacted via email

You can find the link to your regional Facebook group or the e-mail address of your regional co-ordinator by visiting Regional and International branches page.

If you leave away from Griffin Park, please get involved and don’t be shy. Our Facebook pages are for all Bees fans and we want you to get involved and to share your opinions.