Brentford FC Book Review – Ahead of the Game

Fans of Greville Waterman’s Blog, BFCTalk, will enjoy reading his latest book “Ahead of the Game”

Cover - Ahead of the Game
Cover – Ahead of the Game

Readers may sense a feeling of déjà vu as the book contains a collection of Greville’s excellent Blogs published on line through out last season.

Ahead of the Game also details episodes of Brentford Fc’s earlier history, characters from past years, inspired trivia and meaningful observations for the future.

Never the less Grevillea has a great style of writing and captures the mood of being a Brentford supporter in what was the most amazing of seasons perfectly. In many ways the collection of almost daily Blogs makes an interested diary of being a Brentford fan these exciting times.

Guest contributors include Cliff Crown, Richard Lee, Billy Reeve and Jim Levack and there are photo’s from Mark Fuller

Mathew Benham, chairman of Brentford FC has also commentede “Greville has written an excellent and perceptive overview of everything that happened at the club during this incredible season. I loved it”

The paperback book can be purchased from Amzon for £15.99 and Kindle users as can purchase the e-book for £8.99.

Greville Waterman’s Blog, BFCTalk can be read here