West Country Bees Social

BIAS : West Country Bees
BIAS : West Country Bees

Members in our West Country branch are planning a social in Exeter on Saturday 22nd of August.
The plan is to meet in the pub opposite Exeter Central Train Station at around 11 and then going to the Exeter City v York match at St James Park.


At the time of writing the BIAS West Country Bees Branch Facebook group has 72 members. They are a friendly bunch, looking out for each others Brentford FC cars stickers whilst on the M4 and are often arranging Minibuses to Brentford FC’s home games as well as car sharing lifts amongst themselves.


If you are a Bees fan exiled in the West Country and want to connect with other Bess fans local to you then please join the Facebook group for Bees fan in the South West