West Country Bees – Cardiff City (Home) Fulham (Away) – including BIAS BOAT

BIAS : West Country Bees
BIAS : West Country Bees

Places remain to the Cardiff City game on the West Country on the Minibus

The cost of the mini bus to the home games will be no more than £24 (due to a BIAS) and less if the break even number of passengers is exceeded.

The Group can pick up for other people at any junction on M5 and M4.

The current timings for this trip are:

07:15 Braunton
07:25 Tesco’s Whiddon Valley Barnstaple
08:15 Tiverton train station
08:25 Taunton Train Station
08:30 Weston-Super-Mare
09:15 Clevedon

Our West Country Branch are extremely active and have just announced their plans to include minibus trips to both the away games a Fulham on Good Friday.

Mini Bus and Boat to Fulham

West Country Bees will be doing a minibus and then getting on the BIAS boat to Fulham.

The combined price for this trip will be £33.

Remaining Trips
After the game you will have to get a train from Putney to Brentford to get the minibus back home .

The games full list of games is:

Cardiff City at home on 14th March

Fulham, Away on 3rd April (Good Friday)

Reading, Away on 25th April

Wigan Athletic at home on 2nd May (tentative)

Clive Johnson - BIAS West Country Travel co-ordinator
Clive Johnson – BIAS West Country Travel co-ordinator

BIAS West Country Bees

At the time of writing the BIAS West Country Bees Branch Facebook group has 62 members. They are a friendly bunch, looking out for each others Brentford FC cars stickers whilst on the M4 and are often arranging car sharing lifts amongst themselves.

If you are a Bees fan exiled in the West Country and want to connect with other Bess fans local to you then please join the Facebook group contact Clive Johnson

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