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After Sunday’s game we are sitting in 5th position with 23 points, same points as AFC Phoniex sitting in 4th.

Next Sunday we are away again to Battersea and Wandsworth. Battersea & Wandsworth are sitting at the lower end of the table 10th with 9 points.

We all headed down to a sunny, busy, Regents Park all up for today’s game against Camden Town FC. With a good warm up lead by Amber L-L we were raring to start this match and go for a win.
Teams line up was; Caroline, Amber L-L, Manuela, Myself (Charlotte Tanner), Sophie Lee, Lisa Grant, Goodie, Tia, Lucy G, Ashley Cheatley and Holly. Subs today were: Gemma (Spanish), Dana Johnson and Lavana.

The first half was pretty equal, we had plenty of chances to grab a ball. A few fouls were brushed off by the ref against us, including Ashley Cheatleys shirt being pulled when she was clear on goal.
We just played on trying to get a goal. Fifteen minutes into the game Gemma came on for Lucy G, then Lavana came on for Tia. Using the roll of role off system.

As soon as Dana Johnson came on for Holly the ball was alive up top! Combining with Ashley Cheatley, Dana was through on goal, unfortunately the ball ran into the keepers hands. Both keepers pulled off some good saves in the first half and both sets of defence were solid.

Five minutes before half time, a long kick up the pitch from the keeper was picked up by their striker who twisted and turned her way to the box and curled the ball into the far post, making it 1-0 to Camden Town.

After a quick team talk and a change in formation we were ready to get back out there. I also came off at half time for Lisa Grant.

In the opening few minutes of the second half, Camden got the ball down the wing near the corner flag. Manuela was brought down by the Camden player, clearly fouled therefore she held onto the ball, waiting for the referee to blow up, this did not happen. Camden nicked the ball and scored. Brentford ladies thought the ref blew to disallow the goal, however with lots confusion and heated discussion with the ref the goal stood and it was 2-0 to Camden.

After this goal Brentford stood up and held their own, having most of the possession throughout the second half. Camden Town were very lucky to keep the ball out of the net, scrappy kicks and lucky tackles. Also the Camden keeper played very high line and got any loose ball whipped her way.

Shortly after, Sophie Lee made a great run down the left wing, creating another option to receive the ball, only to be blocked and shoved to the floor. Referee did not see anything wrong with this off the ball foul and continued play.

Due to her football boots breaking 15 minutes in to the second half, Lisa came off for Tia.

With 20 minutes left of the game boots all changed and raring to get back on Lisa came on for Goody.

Shortly after Ashley came off for Goody. Goody managed to get hold of the ball outside the box and played a square ball for Lavana.

Lavana held the ball close to her feet, flying past here players to hit the ball into the back of the net. Making it 2-1 to Camden Town.

We were back in the game!

The Final change of the game was Holly off for Ashley Cheatley. Every ball that we worked up to the box was just cleared, or caught by the keeper. This was very frustrating to see from the side line, Camden seemed to pick up everything that went there way.

We were not able to nip an equaliser and Camden stay at the top of the table. Final score 2-1 to Camden Town.

We were very unlucky to loose today after an intense week in the camp.

Onwards and upwards towards next week, with our heads held high.’

Bees you later
Charlotte Tanner