BIAS West Country Bees Mini Bus for Bounemouth (Home)

BIAS West Country Bees have announced plans to run a minibus for the home match against Bournemouth

BIAS : West Country Bees
BIAS : West Country Bees

Bournemouth at home on 21st February

The cost of the mini bus to the home game against Blackburn Rovers will be no more than £24, and less if the break even number of passengers is exceeded

The Group can pick up for other people at any junction on M5 and M4.

The give an indication of possible timings the LAST minibus to a match at Griffin Park departed at

07:15 Braunton
08:15 Tiverton train station
09:05 Weston-Super-Mare
09:15 Clevedon

Obviously the above timings are only for guidance purposes as the collection and drop off points and timings will vary depending on the passengers travelling and joining the Bus.

BIAS West Country Bees

At the time of writing the BIAS West Country Bees Branch Facebook group has 62 members. They are a friendly bunch, looking out for each others Brentford FC cars stickers whilst on the M4 and are often arranging car sharing lifts amongst themselves.

If you are a Bees fan exiled in the West Country and want to connect with other Bess fans local to you then please join the Facebook group contact Clive Johnson

BIAS Regional and International Branches

BIAS also have other Regional branches covering the whole of England to bring Brentford fans together and a few more International branches too. If you are an exiled bee why not got involved, you might make new friends and find travel companions to make getting to Bees games cheaper and easier