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Charlotee tanner reflects on training and a battle with the league leaders in this latest Brentford WFC blog

Winter has finally turned up! I travelled to Huddlesfield on Saturday hopeful to see Brentford FC continue their running sweep of games, and I took a blanket to out over my legs because it was so cold.

It was not their day on Saturday, the ball just would not go in the back of the net and I was confused at why Warbaton did not bring on Jota, who has scored 2 in 2, but I’m sure there was theory behind the decision.

Plus Tommy Smith did set up Jonathan Douglas to make it 2-1, so can’t complain too much.

Thursday training saw us inside again due to the weather and we were doubtful that the game was going to go ahead on Sunday. We started off with a game of football tennis and then a game of Wembley but staying on your side of the court in your teams. Points were awarded and disputed about, which makes it more fun.

We then went into a possession game in three teams, one team in the middle and they had to stop the ball from getting to the other side. We then went into five aside which is always a bit of fun but it seemed a bit life-less today.

At quarter to 9 we moved over the other side of Lampton school to the sports hall where we played another game on a better and bigger surface.

This weekends game was against Colne Valley. Previous to this season we have met in the cup a couple of times, both games with us on top.

We played them in the league for the first time this season, after promotion, and we won by quite a lot.

The game went ahead even though the pitch was getting churned up easily, grass was long and it was freezing cold!

The starting line up was; Caroline Brooks, Sophie Lee, Me (Charlotte Tanner), Manuela Naprta, Amber Langston Lloyd, Lisa Grant, Hannah Noonan, Vicky James, Claire Richardson (Goody), Holly Isaacs and Dana Johnson. Subs were Charlotte Poole, Sophie T and Lucy Easton.

A tough encounter at Lampton where 2nd in the league came to play Brentford Ladies (3rd).

We started well and we were only down by one goal at half time, our efforts were not reaching the back of the net.

Half way through the first half the rain and the wind came down and I could not feel my forearm or fingers. 1-0 to Colne Valley after a shot from outside the box.

Our manager, Leigh, told us a stat before the game; Out of the last 8 games we have lost the second half 7/8. So we had to go out there and battle hard in the last 20 minutes of the game. Unfortunately this did not happen, to be honest we fell apart a bit.

At half time Caroline Brooks (goal keeper) came off for Charlotte Poole.

After having a grip on the first half, Brentford fell behind when a long range effort took the wind and sailed in. Things went down hill from there where we saw Colne Valley score and score again. I (Charlotte Tanner) got taken off for Sophie T and Holly came off for Lucy E.

Vicky James came off with a toe injury and Holly came back on the field. Lucy Easton scored for Brentford but Colne Valley well deserved to take a 6-1 victory.

Onwards and upwards for next week. Fitness on the agenda for training I think.

Bees you later
Charlotte Tanner