BIAS Annual General Meeting Report

A very well attended BIAS AGM was held on Saturday 2nd November prior to Brentford FC’s home game against Derby County.


Richard Merritt opened the meeting by commenting on the good number of attendees and thanking the Inverness Lodge for their hospitality.

The minutes of the 2013/14 AGM were approved and David Merritt and James Walsh were re-elected as Auditors of the BIAS Accounts

David Gathergood delivered the Finance Officer report in which he relayed that we ended the Financial year in a strong financial position whilst still be very active in several areas, stating that membership income continued to grow to our best ever.

David Gathergood
David Gathergood, Treasurer of BIAS

David relayed that the continued support that the Association was receiving allowed BIAS to continue the excellent work of the BIAS Stadium Action Group (StAG) anmd that in addition to this the Association contributed £437 to provide a TV to be used as a Training aid at Jersey Road and sponsored the Brentford Women’s and Girls team to the amount of £300.

As a result BIAS were able to continue our Sponsorship of the BIAS Stand, supported the Brentford FC OAP Christmas Lunch Party and provided a wall mounted Television at Lionel Road which is being used to assist with the players training at Jersey Road.

The membership support has allowed the BIAS to fund our Stadium Action Groups campaign for a new stadium with enabling development at Lionel Road.

The Finance Officer closed his report by thanking the membership for their continued support which enabled BIAS to be a strong independent voice,

Richard Merritt delivered the Chairperson’s report which can be read here on the BIAS website.

There were no proposed changes to the cost of BIAS membership which will remain at £1 a month for adults and free to those under 18 years of age.


The following were elected as the officers of the Association:

• Richard Merritt – Chair

• David Gathergood – Finance Officer

• Adam Hobbs – Secretary

In addition the following were elected as the members of the Executive Committee:

Gemma Teale
Gemma Teale, BIAS Committee

• Darrell Goddard

• Phil Marchant

• Anna Mason

• Tom Moore

• Lisa O’Brien

• Kath Richardson

• Christopher Ryan

• Gemma Teale

• Rhys Williams

There were no motions proposed at the AGM

Richard Merritt was given a vote of thanks from the floor.

Rhys Williams gave an update on the new stadium at Lionel road and took questions form the floor before the meeting was closed.