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THE BEES BLOG – The agony and ecstasy of a Brentford fan

THE BEES BLOG - The agony and ecstasy of a Brentford fan @thebfcbeesblog
THE BEES BLOG – The agony and ecstasy of a Brentford fan @thebfcbeesblog

Well once again it has been an interesting week as a Brentford fan.

Since my last blog we have drawn with Sheffield Wednesday, a game that we really should have taken all three points from and suffered a defeat at the hands of Bolton Wanderers in Neil Lennon’s first home game in charge. Sandwiched in between that, there has been much debate over the need for a new striker and what is happening to our summer signings.

I know it was last week but I though I would start with Sheffield Wednesday and it’s probably a good thing that a week has past before I vent my spleen at what was the most frustrating 90 minutes of the season.

Personally I thought Wednesday played the sort of football that would be more at home in League 1 or 2. They were direct and aggressive and didn’t seem too bothered about actually playing the ball.

What we failed to do was capitalise on some great chances and as a result we put ourselves under pressure. When you play against such a direct team, the worst thing you can do is allow them to gain momentum and after a very slick first 20 minutes we let them into the game.

They built momentum and could have taken the lead. We need to be more astute and we seem to have fallen into the trap of playing quick attractive football and when we do not take chances we allow teams at us. It does appear as if a few have worked us out and when they press higher up the pitch we struggle to get out.

What this raises is the need for a plan B. Warbs has said that if plan A doesn’t work, then we have to do it better. It just strikes me as naïve. There is more than one way to skin a cat and if the earlier approach hasn’t worked then I would love to have the ability to change it up.

We were on the rough end of a few challenges from the Wednesday players but to be fair we didn’t lose it and kept going. It would have been so sweet to bury them given the way they played but once again we were let down by a weak referee. I can’t help but think if he had got his cards out early on, we would have found things easier later on in the game.

So after a difficult draw at home we travelled up to Bolton. I don’t wish to comment too much on the performance as I wasn’t there but it was disappointing result. It has again highlighted though the need to punish teams when we are on top.

A few games ago I blogged about Andre Grey and my doubts that he can cut it at this level. I think I need to clarify that point and provide a bit of perspective on it. Andre has missed a fair few chances in recent weeks and whilst I could use that to enforce my point,

I think it proves the opposite in fact. I’m not a manager but I have been watching football for long enough to tell you that any manager would say that when it comes to strikers you worry if they are not getting chances and worry a hell of a lot less if they are getting chances but missing them.

A guy that scores bucket loads in the conference will not necessarily make the step up to the Championship but if you think about it, if Andre was not good enough at this level he wouldn’t be getting a sniff each game.

As it goes his movement and general savviness means he finds the pockets that defenders struggle to mark. He has been missing them chances and that means a lack of goals for the team but I kind of feel as if Warbs and co have asked too much of him.

I’m sure he just wants to keep playing and believing that goals will come but the best thing for him is to have the pressure taken off of him and allowing him to come off the bench for a few games. Unfortunately Proschwitz just hasn’t got it and that means Warbs is almost forced to keep playing Grey.

That has led to talk of Trotta coming back in. It looks doubtful that will happen. Fulham are no longer two divisions above us and are struggling below us in the table (for how long though remains to be seen) and it would surely by madness for them to allow him to rejoin us. He would provide that touch of quality though.

However today has seen us heavily linked with Danny Graham. On the surface it would seem like a great move. A proven striker with experience but he has been struggling for goals. Since his move from Swansea he has not found the net on a consistent basis but he would undoubtedly add quality to the squad, and I for one would be far more comfortable with seeing Graham’s name on the team sheet then Big Nick’s.

It certainly seems as if Betinho is not the answer, not that we have been given a chance to see him but we will just have to trust the judgement of the management on that one.

So Grey could be about to get a new strike partner and I just hope he gets the chance to play alongside Graham if he does come in, an experienced forward next to him could well be the answer. If we were to add goals to the already positive football we have been playing against decent opposition, we could surely say goodbye to any relegation fears that may be lurking in the back of our minds.

Warbs now has a few decisions to make ahead of a very tough game at home. Does he again drop Dean after conceding three against Bolton and bring back Tarkowski who has been outstanding this season.

Toral has been pushing for a start and has done his chances a world of good by scoring a cracker on Saturday and does he change things up and give Grey a rest. Whatever happens the rollercoaster continues and as long as we are still in the division next May I’ll be happy.

Up the Bees

Carl Massey

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