Show your support for Lionel Road

The London Assembly Regeneration Committee are investigating Stadium-led regeneration projects in the capital and the advantages and disadvantages of such schemes.

Lionel Road from the North East
Lionel Road from the North East

This committee are conducting a survey asking about the impact of stadium-led regeneration projects on has on people lives.

We are asking Brentford supporters living within the Greater London Authority and especially those close to Griffin Park, Lionel Road and in proximity to other redeveloped or new stadiums to participate in this survey to ensure the London Assembly receives a true and balanced picture of the views of local people on which to base their findings.

Whilst this investigation does not jeopardise plans for the Brentford Community Stadium for which Brentford FC has already received full planning consent, with a number of stages still to be completed it is important to demonstrate that support for the project remains as strong and enduring as ever.

We call on you once again to make your voice heard and to show your support for the Brentford Community Stadium by participating in this survey, which you can find here.