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I would like to start this blog with a quick recognition of today’s minute silence. It was with great sadness that we all feel silent at 3’O’Clock to pay our respects to young Alice Gross.

THE BEES BLOG - The agony and ecstasy of a Brentford fan @thebfcbeesblog
THE BEES BLOG – The agony and ecstasy of a Brentford fan @thebfcbeesblog

The local community has been hit hard by her murder and it was just a small way of a group of people taking a moment to unite in grief. It was impeccably observed by both our own fans and that of Reading FC.

It is difficult to know where to start after that. Everything else seems so insignificant in comparison but after that moments reflection the game got under way and the following 90 minutes was somewhat different to our previous home matches this season. Early on the Reading fans sang the name of Jamie Cureton. Soon those taunts were to be silenced.

I think its fair to say that today was not the prettiest but we did what needed to be done to get the victory. Pritchard came back in after starting the Watford game on the bench and sent a cracking drive off the past early on but no doubt it was Reading who did much of the early running. Personally I think Warburton set us up in that way. We look so dangerous off the break and by allowing teams to come us we can pick them off at pace when we win it back.

We seem to have learnt from the defeat at Watford in that we gave them less space on the wings and despite having a lot of the ball, I’m struggling to think of any clear cut opportunities they created. Compare that to the games against Charlton, Birmingham, Brighton and most obviously Norwich it seems more interesting.

In the games I’ve mentioned above we played much more fluid football but gifted them chances. Today was the opposite. At times we sat deep and appeared content to let them have the ball yet smothered them when we got forward and despite the fortuitous nature of the second goal, looked good value for it.

Jota again impressed me, he is exceptionally composed on the ball and created chance after chance today. He seems to ghost into space at times and could be the difference between a top half and bottom half finish.

I’m loathe to criticise anyone this season as this is comfortably the best side I’ve ever seen at GP but whilst this view may not be a popular one I’m struggling to warm to Andre Gray. I want him to succeed and I want to see him score goals and I do think he deserves time but he just seems to be playing a division or two above his abilities. He is a yard off the pace all the time and seems to panic in front of goal. I would like to see Proschwitz get a run of games and see how he fares. The goals are coming from all over at the moment but we need our strikers firing.

Talking of goalscorer, what has happened to Jonathon Douglas! He has been on fire. His goals have of course been vital but he epitomises what a decent captain should be. He is a real leader and is the vital cog in our midfield. Keep on like this and he’s looking at a 20 goal season!

There has been a lot of moaning and groaning about referees this week and after getting a rough ride again midweek I actually thought today’s ref was half decent. Only half but better than what we have been getting. Alan Mac was on the rough end of a couple of decisions but could have also gone in the book in the first half with a little kick out at Robson Kanu. Alan Mac was outstanding today though and I thought it was his best performance of the season. Certainly all the decisions didn’t go our way but at least there was no dodgy penalty given.

The likes of Marcus Tebar and Betinho must be wondering when they will get a game and I’m desperate to see them play but when we’re producing results like we have been I can see why Warbs doesn’t want to change it.

And whilst we all like to think we know better then the manager I think today’s last word has to go to my 5 year old son Harry. Soon after going two nil up Tarkowski played one of his raking passes forward only to find the Breamer Road stand. Whilst half the people around me and regrettably myself included promptly pointed out to Tarks what he should have done and helpfully pointed out his other options, Harry turned to me and said “Daddy, why is everyone telling him what to do, he already knows, we’ve got two goals and they’ve got none”

I’ll shut up then!

Up the bees

Carl Massey

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