German Bees Blog


On returning home from his trip to Griffin Park Michael Weise wrote the following Blog for The BIAS – German Bees


As soon as I knew that I will go to London, I have checked if there is a home game of the Bees or not.


Knowing that it is difficult to get tickets I placed my request in this group (BIAS German Bees) and the response was overwhelming.


Unfortunately due to our tight schedule for the weekend we didn’t have much time to meet with the Bees supporter at Brentford. But because of the excellent organisation (that is the GERMAN Bees group after all :-)) everything went smoothly and we could at least have a pre-game pint with Hanwell Bees who has organised the tickets for us.


After 18 month we could enjoy a convincing victory over Leeds and really had fun at Griffin Park. The rest of the weekend in London was as usual a unique experience.


Today at the airport waiting to get on my flight back, I met two young lads from Switzerland who went to London to see Arsenal playing on Sunday. I did ask how their experience has been and say were not too excited about it. They have paid £99 each for their tickets and the only comment I got was, that it was different.


I could tell, that I had a very nice experience in a friendly environment where people still know each other, for roughly a quarter of that money, and I would not exchange that experience to see one of the “big” clubs. You certainly can’t buy commitment and passion.


We are now looking forward to bring the family back to Brentford in order to repeat that experience.


Again many thanks to all of you who have offered help and especially to the one who made it possible.


BIAS has quite a few International branches, and regional Branches that cover the whole of Engalnd who all bring Brentford fans together. You can see a full list here (XXXX)

Michael Weise