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Live Updates from the Fans Forum will appear here:

18:00 We are due to begin in half an hour, periodic updates will be posted here and on our twitter feed @bias_bfc

18.12 Frank McParland, Mark Warburton and David Weir have arrived

18.21 Approximatley 25 people in The Hive at the moment.

18:27 It’s starting to fill up a bit more now

18:31 The panel have taken their seats and are ready to go.

18:33 Peter Gilham introduces the Panel

18:34 Peter Gilham has presented a pen with Warburton on from the an audience member

Latest developments on the new stadium, Rhys Williams is going to update.

Project team are working very hard with our development partner to get things going.  A few things still need to be tied up, including the development agreement, purchases of some remaining land with a plan to be in place for the start of the 2017/18 season

Question: Do we have a tactical plan b to change when 4-1-4-1 doesn’t work.  MW it’s 4-3-3, our plan B is to do plan A better.  You don’t need a plan B if you do Plan A well.  We need to show more consistency and performance, if we do that we will be ok.  DW agrees with MW, it was dissapointing performance, we are looking to improve.

Question: Why do we persist with corners when we have two big centre halves.  DW – We are looking to find ways to be creative and innovative, being honest it is an area we can improve on and we are working on it.

Question: Is Moses and Full back or Winger – MW he’s a right sided player, he’s comfortable all down the right and he has a lot of pace, we can use him anywhere on the right hand side .

Question:  Are the different corner techniques, such as huddles or free kicks – MW – David does a lot of work on set pieces and takes the players for extra training to work on those.  The defence is well organised, David has done lots of work in that respect – DW – we ask the players for ideas and feedback, it’s rare that we come up with things that haven’t been done before, The Owner Mathew has access to lots of inforation and we tap into that. We have to keep evolving and changing, we haven’t scored yet but we’ve been close.

Question: How soon does it takes for players to adapt to moving from the North or overseas – it’s new to a lot of players such as James Tarcowski, it does affect performance, making sure the players are settled and looking after them off the pitch is vital, Frank McP and Peter Gilham are instrumental.  The Spanish guys haven’t opened up yet, they are good on the training ground.

Question: What is the communication like for the Spanish players?  DW we are lucky that we have these good players, John Toral speaks perfect English, Tebar has picked it up really quickly and there are a couple of staff who can speak Spanish.  They are all taking English lessons. We give them the opportunity to contribute and communicate and Peter G gives them an environment to enable them to do that.  MW – The one problem we face is them getting used to the intensity of English football.

Question: Norwich appear to intimidate the players, do the players need to be more assertive and stand up to phyical teams.  MW – Check the stats, Ruddy was the busyiest goal keeper, we batter them for 65 minutes, so it doesn’t matter.

The Noriwch game turned on the first goal, I don’t think Norwich played better than.  MW – All the good football we’ve played and created chances, if once out of 50 times we make mistakes, (Tarky’s loosee ball).  He’d take it every time, Tarky is better play for it and it was a dissapointing result, we will make mistakes and there will be more this season.

Question: You havea group of players that were in the League 1, how has the mangement and coaching staffadpative to the Championship.  -FMcP – The way we approached is to bring 12 players in, who all play the way Warbs and David want to play football.  The way we play is enjoyable, it always carries over to Saturday.  Judge was one of the best signings you will ever get for Championship level for the moeny, it stems from the Owner.  All four of us talk all the time, MB Skypes me at midnight.  Players have to play our way, we will get ones wrong, you can’t get everyone right.

Question: Does Will Grigg have a future  at the club.  MW – Will needs to play, hes too good for the bench, he’s scoring goals, getting fitter and developing.  He could come back in January if it works for all parties.

Qustion: Do the international breaks change the way we train.  MW – The international break was new to us, so we sat down with Frank to discuss how to do it.  We used it well and the result was against Brighton.

Question: In retrospect, should we hve changed the squad against Middlesborough- DW it’s something we’ve asked ourselves, Boro made changes.  We go through these questions day and day out.  We won’t get everything right.  The players know it’s a squad game, it’s hard to leave players out who are playing well.  It’s a gamble and a balancing act, we weren’t happy with the way it turned out on Saturday.

Question: Will there be another pay what you can ths year – MD – We have ear marked the Rotherham for our pay what you can game in the New Year.  There will be some slight modifications.

Question about increasing the fan base – MD – The players help, we’ve got the stadium in the 3 years.  We now have a marketing budget and a new marketing manager who has come in from Fulham.  We need to connect with the trust and use them, we have now invested in a new CRM.  We can now send targeted messages out.  Kirk Pirman is the new head of marketing.  The move to the new entry system with TeamCard has given a new load of data and is much better than expected.  Chelsea have used it for 15 years, this is why there is no cash as we don’t know who people are.

Safe Standing question – Chris Gammon – the club and board are committed to safe standing in the new stadium.  We have with our architect to make the stadium ready for the staidum, our fans want it, the club wants it.  We are ready if the regulations change.  We could get a couple of thousand extra, we are committed to this.  MD – It is a hot topic, was discussed at the Football League meeting, there is no central government support for this, none of the main parties are going to go for this.

Question about the away capacity, is there any need the increase this.  And have fans in New Road.  MD – Thre would have been a short term financial gain if we had shifted fans into New Rod and put home fans into Brook Road.  If it was down to finance then we would have done it, but we want to build a fan base.  Every club that has been here has sold out in 72 hours.  The operations team put in an emergency segration, as this was an experiment of having a game on general sale.  If we don’t have these restirctions then we will have too many away fans in the ground.  We have work with the fan base to change the culture of late purchase.  If people wish to relocate to Braemar Road, we will make them accomodating.

Question, why don’t we just chuck them out like Southampton.  MW – The temporary segration stopped us throwing 2-300 people on the street.  They behaved, it was irritating but had to manage the situation.

Question:  What is the target for this season.  DW we can’t give a target for the season, we, it’s a discussion we have.  We make short term targets to motivate players.

FMCP – We are long term here at Brentford, we want the academy to be a top academy.  Warbs and David have a massive influence on what goes on in the academy.  We have a player in the U16 for England this year.  Ose is working hard and building the club for the future.  MW – If I spoke to 100 people, 99 told me to just survive in the Championship, but you don’t tell players just survive or we are going to get in the top four.  Just make sure they do their best.

Question:  Who is the best player in the U21’s.  Montell Moore is doing excellent, as the 1st team playing budget has increased it is difficult for the Academy.  For example we got PRtichard from Tottenham who is an U-21 international.

Question: Sam Saunders – DW – Sam has been out for a while, we missed him towards the end of last season, he’s on the grass this week, it’s been complicated and longer than we hoped for.  Richard has a problem with his shoulder.

Question: How do players force themselves in to the starting line up.  Dw – We have a decision to make week in week out, we’ve said it’s going to be a squad game.  Tony has been unfortunate, Frank has worked hard to bring people in and we have 17,18,19 players who could all play.  FMcP – Whatever club you are in, if you are not in the team you are unhappy.  Every player works hard to give the manager a tough decision, none of our players have ever taken there ball home or think they are too good not to be dropped.

Question – Particularly in the home games this season, I’ve though the referees have been very poor.  MW – I’m not allowed to swear – you can’t approach the referee on the pitch, you can speak afterwards. We’ve had some inexperienced referees this season and we’ve had some very tought decision.  We’ve had 6 or 7 this season and the head of referees is coming down as our guest this Saturday.

Question about loaning players out:  We will never leave ourselves short, the players we loan out.  We make sure we send our players out the right club for our young players.

Question – What is the situation with Jake Reeves – MW  Jake wanting to the play football, he had to be better thana Judge, Pritchard, Jota, etc.  The better players we bring in the harder it is for players to break through.

Question – How do you keep players match fit.  DW You can’t replciate a match scenario but we have, heart rate monitors and equipment to do this.  We can’t replciate the psycological aspect but we have do the physical element as close a we can.  MW – There is not hiding place for the players, we can see every minute, every pass, heat map.  It’s incredible, the technology is more advanced and we get reams of data.   We are up in there with the best clubs in the country, we receive staggering reports the day after a match.

Question – Every League game we’ve started with Andre Gray, we will get anyone else in.  I have happy with what we have, not surpised about Andre, Nick has been outstanding in training.  Andre’s fitness has come on leaps and obund, testiment to him.  Betinho has got to learn and adapt to the intensity.

Question – Are you looking a tthe kids who come in from academy to look at the technology – MW – The trick is the coaching staff ahs to take out what is avaialble, you have to pick out the relevant bit.

Question – What is the current relationship with Wigan and our ex-manager.  FMcP, The previous manager wants to come back and take some players.  For us it’s flattering people are interested, we have no problem with Rosler, he’s gone to what he thinks is a bigger club with a bigger budget.  The club is different from with Rosler was here, we are not bothered about other clubs.

Question – Do we miss Forshaw -<W Adam is talented player and he did a fantastic job.  Judge now plays on the middle and has been outstanding.  A great player, very techincal, enjoyed watching on the TV the other day.  With the greatest respect I don’t think he would be automatic.

Question – Does you background from the City help you – I know how much I should get when I get I sacked.  MD – Frank comes in and asks for hte money, MW is numerate and we have a owner is keen a enthusiastic everyone understands about budgets and we are all pulling in the right direction and it’s a pleasure to work here.

Question about the Academy – FmcP – We are looking closely at Category 1 status, there are number of new things that may be ocming out in the next couple of weeks.  We have some incredible talent and the dome (Uxbridge) is working week.  The isn’t major stuff to be done, just fine tuning.

Question about Bentinho -FMcP – We know him from the NextGen, he played against Liverpool and battered, he is not the finished article.  We have an excellent relationship with Sporting Lisbon, one of the coaches has been over and they are keen to build a relationship.  We have had meeting with Barcelona and they keen.  MW – We couldn’t access those players in League 1, we can in the Championship.  We have to look after him, he is very talented, he will score goals a good finisher, we have to help him.

Question – Facilities and services for the new stadium – MD – In terms of catering, yes there has been a lot of planning for catering in the new staidum.  You’ve got what we’ve got here at GP.  In the new stadium we will have far far better facilites.  We would like to keep it in house so we can ocntrol the cost.  The playing surface that we have is robust to take two sports and undersoil heating.

Question about referees, does the club see the assesors report and do the club submit one.  MW Yes every game the club has submitted more reports this season than all of last season.

Question about the centre halves, how do you choose – DW we asses them daily,  e have extra people in our analysis department to help and we ask all discuss, including Simon Royce, Kevin O’Connor.  It’s sometimes a laborious process, sometimes we change our mind, at the end the day the manager picks the team.  We have players with different qualities but ultmiately we play the same way.

Question about taking chances – MW The margins are smaller, we do a lot of work on finishing and hopefully one team will pay for that.  I don’t think it’s a matter of confidence, players don’t lack quality.

Question – How do you prepare for a match when the manager has changed and you don’t know a lot about them – With great difficullty, we don’t know how they will play, but we can adjust to it.  The away team should change their style to for us, not the oher way round.  The bottom line is we wont know until 15:00 on Saturday.