Blog Spot – Can we bury Griffin Park

Travellers along the A40 in Northolt will probably have notice the four impressive mounds that were created when the old Wembley stadium was buried the land was landscaped to create one of the most exciting and significant park developments in London for many years.

The award-winning country-style park consist of four mounds are more than a local landmark and are quite heavily used by the local population.

The biggest of the mounds has a walled spiral walk way to the summit. This wall is made from the broken up Wembley terracing. At the top, the plateau is ringed by a similar wall and offers great views across the neighbouring counties.

Northala Park was created by Ealing council who realised the economic and environmental viability and potential of turning the waste building material from the original Wembley Stadium and the new White City shopping centre into the new park. The four large conical earth mounds along the A40 reduce visual and noise pollution as well a providing a unique landmark for the park and the borough.


The 360-degree panoramic view from the top of the tallest mound (22 metres), provides a great vision of the central London and Canary Wharf and the surrounding area with pictorial maps, highlight London’s landmarks from City to those which are more local

It was a win-win situation with Ealing Council actually making a profit out of Northala Fields by being paid between £70 and £90 per lorry load to take the waste material and the developers saving a fortune in transportation costs as the developers only had to haul it 10 miles rather than 100 miles to a landfill site.

This has got us thinking, can Griffin Park be buried in a similar scheme whilst at the same time reducing the overall “carbon footprint” of building a the new stadium at Lionel Road?

Well Griffin Park is not the same size as Wembley Stadium, so any similar scheme may only have one mound and not four, but there is the development of Brentford High Street which could provide addition waste building material destined for a landfill.

Are there any locations locally within the boroughs of Ealing and Hounslow that could be enhanced with a similar mound or mounds?  Is there piece of flat land that could be built up for residence to climb and on which they can admire the enhanced view from its peak? Could a mound be created to shield the noise of the busy M4?

It would be great to be able to visit the old stadium once it is gone, to climb the slopes of mound and to see the old terracing of the Brook Road, New Road, Ealing Road and Paddock forming the spiral walk way.

Maybe the old wooden seating in the Breamar Road wings could be used to create resting points along the climb and the Brook road and Ealing Road fencing utilised as the wall at the top for visitors to lean on whilst gazing West towards Windsor and Heathrow, North towards Harrow, South towards the South Downs or East towards the City of London and Canary Wharf?


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