Allison Franklin – A Tribute

BIAS are devastated to hear that, after battling a long illness, former deputy chair Allison Franklin passed away at 7:10am this morning at the age of 56.

Allison was a very passionate Brentford fan who served on both the BIAS committee, the Bees United board and as an officer of the Football Supporters Federation.

Allison Franklin
Allison Franklin

She was a friendly lady who will be fondly remembered by everyone who knew her.

Allison always gave her all, was not afraid to share her opinions, to listen to those of others and to stand up for every single Brentford fan.

She served on the Bees United board sandwiched in between two spells of the BIAS committee and her efforts and achievements should be respected and remembered by every single Brentford supporter.

At BIAS committee meetings Allison would always galvanise her colleagues into action; her belief and passion were inspirational. Even when ill health meant that Allison took the decision to step down, Allison could still be relied on to give an opinion and her counsel was often sought.

Allison championed the causes of her fellow New Roaders, often moaning about the facilities, the pricing and the standard of the catering and helped push the club into improving the match-day experience as well as keeping ticket prices down as much as possible.

When the very existence of our club was in the balance, Allison was there for us all, demanding transparency, searching for better solutions and trying her damned hardest to make them happen.

Allison was a battler, who fought illness for the last couple of seasons but was determined to take her seat in the New Road when a lot of others would probably had stayed at home.

She believed in better. During the darker days of being a Brentford fan, Allison saw a flicker of light in the Brentford tunnel and would not let that flame go out.

Thanks to Allison’s efforts and sheer determination we all still have the club, which is now in its best position in over two decades, to support and for that we should always be truly grateful to her.

Our thoughts are with Allison’s father, George, and with all those who were blessed to know her.

The word legend is used far too often in this day and age but we can’t think of a more appropriate word to best describe her.

Rest in peace Allison, a Brentford LEGEND.