Bees in Brazil – Part 2

John Standing, Our regional co-ordinator for Spelthorne is out in Brazil and has sent us the following further reports


June 18th


Second day in São Paulo, not a big fan of city, very run down, have to pay to get into bars, drinks aren’t cheap. Watched Brazil game last night in local bar.


More fans arriving today,


Uruguay tickets going for over a grand! Very hot today, off out shortly for a city bus tour to see what we are missing……



June 20th

Yet another ‘morning after’ situation, let down by Woy and his boys! Had a pretty eventful day y’day, excluding the result.


Friend had his ticket pick pocketed from a local bar before the game, thankfully a FIFA rep did print a replacement, all was not lost.


A Brazilian did try and sit next to me with the stolen ticket, claiming he bought it outside the ground. Made stewards aware it was stolen, they weren’t bothered, so this guy was literally picked up and thrown out of the seat!


Things got worse when Brazilian and Uruguayan fans sat amongst England fans, continued to sing and chant at England fans during the game, finally erupted in violence after the second goal, right in front of me.


No Police around to step in, all the stewards ran away! Safely got away from ground after game, and few beers and some food, to think over what had just happened yesterday. Still have Belo Horizonte and Rio to come, let’s hope the sun comes out, those beaches look very inviting…..


You can read more of John’s updates on our Facebook page