Brazilian Blog Update

Jim Walsh, Our Travel Co-ordinator has filed this second report from Brazil to keep us up to date with the first four days of his World Cup adventure.

Day 5 – we’ve booked a seaplane flight for the afternoon. After breakfast we chill by the pool, watching a tropical rainstorm in the distance.

We decide to watch the Germany Portugal game in the bar at the next hotel. Very nice.

The Amazon
The Amazon

Germany look strong but surely that wasn’t a pen and what would Captain Mainwaring have made of Mullers cheating!!

Straight after the game we’re off on our seaplane trip – a small, noisy, five seater.

Another fantastic trip and a great way to see the Amazon.

The pilot must realise we’re England football fans and does a slight detour for great aerial views of the stadium.

Brazil from the plane
Brazil from the plane

In the evening we head down town and the square by the opera house to watch USA v Ghana. Loads of septics in the square with their imaginative
chant of U S A U S A.

Brazil pic1
Day 6 – just getting up for breakfast. A day of travelling again. We’ll probably get to the airport a bit early to catch Brazil Mexico in the

Budweiser zone before our 4 hour flight to São Paolo.