Bees in Brazil

John Standing, Our regional co-ordinator for Spelthorne is out in Brazil and has sent us the following report

Arrived into Manaus yesterday about 1.00pm, taxi to hotel, only to be greeted with a load of screaming Italian fans, unaware that the Italian team were also staying in our hotel.

We obliged by signing a few autographs, as they thought we were with the team, LOL.


John Standing
John Standing

Visited a local square for a few beers and local food, no idea what it was, to watch Spain game. Managed to last until 9.00pm, but jet lag finally hit me, my bed was calling.

Woke up up 5.00 this morning wide awake, bearing in mind 1000 in UK. Finally got a few hours extra sleep, wide awake 0700, went for breakfast. Had an hour or so by the pool, then had a walk around Shopping Mall next door, bumped into Gary Neville.

Weather very humid, off for another shower! Watching Columbia game in hotel, then off to catch a taxi to ground, to find a bar walking distance from ground to watch Uruguay game. Far too hot to walk

And to the morning after….head banging, breakfast time! Top day, 4 of us met 2 northern lads, we all jumped in a taxi to a square near the ground, to watch Uruguay game. Few fans already there, but as the day went on, more arrived, the place was heaving.

Great atmosphere, beers, singing and sunburnt! 15 min stroll to ground following locals, no hassle getting in the ground. Made the seat only to see not much of any segregation.

Surprised to see EVERY Brazilian, cheering for Italy, what is that all about?

Thought we played very well, need to come second in group so I haven’t got to buy a flight to Recife for last 16 game!

After game, we all went back to the same square, and place was buzzing. Think all of Manaus women were waiting for us, outnumbered 4-1! Had a few propositions, very chuffed at my age!

Finally beer caught up with me around midnight, we all jumped in a taxi back to hotel. God I’m feeling it today! Today is a chilled day, off to the beach for some rays, bit of thong spotting, and to watch some football. Adios

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