Did you go to Sheffield United?

Were you one of the 663 Bees Fans who made the long trip to Sheffield United?

Brentford fans at Oldham (thanks to @UpUm48)
Brentford fans at Oldham (thanks to @UpUm48)

If you were, the Football Supporters Federation (FSF) would love to hear your views as part of their Away Fans feedback project.

The project which aims to measure the experience of the travelling fan has the ultimate aim of improving the away fans’ experience and encourage more fans to travel to watch their team.

What keeps fans committed to travelling and to the sacrifices they make? What do we look for as a travelling fan? Likes? Dislikes? What makes you feel valued?

Brentford fans can score their experiences allowing the FSF to build a data set which can be used to accurately assess the facilities, customer service and elements of policing and stewarding at as many grounds as possible, using established customer service methods.


Find out more about the project by reading this FSF article.