BIAS Dutch Bees bring sunny spells

Harald Hanemaaijer reflects on the madness in the Royal Oak and watching Brentford beat Bradford, Tranmere and QPR Ladies in his blog

Harald Hanemaaijer
Harald Hanemaaijer, Netherlands

After nearly three months of rain in the UK (and The Netherlands) and more important after also plenty of points for our club: some of the Dutch Bees were back at Griffin Park for the matches vs Bradford City, Tranmere Rovers and….. QPR. Days were filled with sunny spells, goals, pints, points and some new songs composed at the Royal Oak after party (see: )

Two of the Dutch Bees travelled to a hot and sunny Burslem earlier this season for the kick off of the 13/14 campaign of our beloved club. Despite a Logan beauty Brentford didn’t managed to fulfill early expectations of a good Bees crowd turnout at Port Vale. The newly promoted home side held us on a 1-1 draw. By car we drove to West London for the League Cup encounter against the Daggers. Not many usual suspects were involved so it took a lot of energy to write off the opponents from League Two. And then an endless period of waiting started.

A period which contained a steep up and down road of the red and white army which we had to follow mainly by social media and internet. Suddenly when we began to look forward to our next visit, the Rosler and Warburton boys seemed to get shaped up. An almost endless unbeaten run followed and if you have to support your club by tablet or desktop (like us) you’d rather fancy a visit to your local doctor because of injured ‘refresh button clicking’ fingers afterwards.

Four of the Dutch Bees went back to London in the beginning of March. So did the sun, the boozers and more important the three-points-a-day rhythm. Both displays against Bradford City and Tranmere did not deliver an embarrassing first half. But twice the “beer with a deksel half time” was followed by an impressive second part with dynamic play, good movement around and well deserved goals!

When you hear Brentford plays QPR in the same week, we thought let’s preorder a taste of West London derby this season. Just to practice the “we hate…….” song a little bit for next season. So after some buses, tubes and trains we found the BFC Women’s team playing their cup game against the QPR ladies. And guess what? It was the delightful mix of three points and sun again.

Cheers and we’ll be back for the home game against Stevenage in May (At least five iof us are hoping to come over) to see the Bees go up into the Championship.