Tell your friends about the next two homes games

Please use our poster to advertise Tuesdays home game against Tranmere Roves and the ‘All Ticket’ visit of Coventry City.

Break the ice BIASMAR
Download and display with pride our snazzy poster advertising the Bees’ home games against Tranmere Roves and Coventry City.

Tranmere and Coventry fixture Poster
Tranmere and Coventry fixture Poster

It would be great if we could raise Brentford FC attendances in preparation for Lionel Road and having taken 40 points form the last 42 available we should ALL being doing our bit to invite friends, family, colleagues and lapsed fans down to Griffin Park.

The idea of this poster, which has been created by Bees fan Graham Clark, is that that they can be easily downloaded by supporters who want to play their part in raising attendances.

The posters can be tweeted, displayed on Facebook Profiles, at places of work, in local clubs, pubs, shops, cafes, schools, colleges, universities and front windows of homes to encourage people to enjoy the magic of the cup and to visit Griffin Park.

The posters look great in colour and still look good in black and white so why not run a few off at home or if you have a photocopying allowance, at work. If you ask nicely most places will allow you to display them.