We are only half way there – we need your help to see the job through

On 5th December 2013 Brentford Football Club took a big step towards securing planning permission for a new stadium for Brentford Football Club in Brentford. That was a massive achievement which would not have been possible without the support of thousands of Brentford supporters, however it is only half time and there is still a long way to go before the final whistle. Victory is not yet certain and we need your support to get the job done.

On Friday January 17th the planning application approved by Hounslow Borough Council will be passed to the Mayor of London, Boris Johnson who has until Thursday 30th January to decide whether to approve or reject the application. Once again opponents to our development are waging a misinformation campaign in some local neighbourhoods, and writing letters to the Mayor demanding he direct Hounslow Council to refuse our application.

Once again your efforts will be crucial. We need you to write in to show your support for the new stadium which Brentford supporters have worked so hard to secure over the past decade, and upon which the club’s future depends. There is not much time to act before Boris decides so please ACT NOW

To email your support to the Mayor Boris Johnson, Sir Edward Lister and the Strategic Planner David Blankson-Hemans please click here.

If the e-mail link does not work on your system the addresses you need are:


Please include your full name and address & enter the following in the subject field: Brentford Community Stadium: Planning Application Reference No: P/2013/1811

Please find below important information and an updated summary of the benefits of the Brentford Community Stadium:

The London Mayor expressed support for the Club’s proposals in 2008 and confirmation of that support is now required to deliver a new Community Stadium and associated residential development that will:

• Generate significant new jobs and homes on a brownfield site;
• Stimulate local economic growth and benefit local businesses;
• Respect local heritage assets and views via the provision of a high quality residential design;

• Underpin and enhance the significant community work delivered by the Club and the Brentford FC Community Sports Trust in Hounslow, Ealing and Richmond

Planning and Economic Benefits

The Brentford Community Stadium project will contribute significantly to economic growth, including:

• New jobs (over 200 a year in construction plus over 300 Full Time Equivalent long term);
• New homes on brownfield land (910 at Lionel Road and over 100 at Griffin Park); and
• Increased revenue for local businesses.

This project will revitalise and regenerate an unsightly industrial corner of Brentford and transform it into an attractive link between the Thames riverside at Kew Bridge and Gunnersbury Park.

Brentford Football Club as a local business is unsustainable at Griffin Park because the facilities are antiquated and the site is not suitable for redevelopment as a modern stadium. Without the Community Stadium development project, the economic, social and environmental benefits that the Club, the Trust and Stadium would bring are all at risk.

The project will help to secure the sustainable future of the Club and the multi-award winning charity Brentford FC Community Sports Trust. The Trust, housed together with the Club in purpose built facilities will continue to extend and improve its work with communities in Hounslow, Ealing and Richmond.

Benefits for Local Business Community

The Community Stadium facilities and the Club’s football matches together with the new homes would bring a number of benefits to the local business community including:

• Increased expenditure by supporters, rising to over £4 million per annum, of which £3 million will be spent directly in the Borough;
• Total spending by the new residents is estimated of up to £17 million per year, of which £11 million is expected to be retained within the Borough;
• Facilities available for local businesses, organisations and community groups to hire for conferences, seminars and other meetings; and
• Closer relationships with local businesses from the provision of high quality match-day hospitality facilities including lounges, boxes and premium seats.

Partnerships with local stakeholders

The Club prides itself in being a good neighbour within the Community for over the past 100 years at Griffin Park and is committed to continuing this approach for the next 100 years. It has always recognised and been committed to working with Hounslow and other stakeholders to provide necessary mitigation to counter and minimise the effects of the development.

Heritage and views

From the outset the club has been mindful of the concerns of local groups regarding the impact of the views on the World Heritage Site and nearby conservation areas. As a result the Club reduced the heights and made amendments to the positioning and density of the residential buildings. A total of 33 views from points in the surrounding area have been taken and were presented to Hounslow Council Planning Committee. A detailed Design Code has also been agreed in relation to the outline planning permission for the enabling developments as part of the application. This will ensure the development of the residential buildings and associated infrastructure is sensitive to the surrounding landscape.
Some opponents of the Club’s proposals have been circulating a leaflet with a misleading image of the view from Kew Bridge. This leaflet also contains inaccurate statements. A decision should not be based on the inaccurate information in that leaflet.

Section 106 Obligations and CIL payments

Section 106 payments in the order of £2.6 million, including:

• £175,000 to TfL towards additional peak hour bus services along the A315 corridor.
• £2 million towards education including a £500,000 provision in kind towards the provision of new facilities for the Hounslow Interim Education Centre (IEC).
• £210,000 contribution towards the funding for CPZ surveys and for CPZ implementation for match and non-match days.
• £91,000 towards sustainability improvements including travel vouchers and new public realm improvements between the new Stadium and Gunnersbury Park.
• £118,000 sustainability contribution to Phase 1 of the Gunnersbury Park regeneration programme.
• £35,000 for additional studies to promote improvements to the flow of traffic in the vicinity

A forecast Mayoral Community Infrastructure Levy payment is estimated in the region of £4-5 million.

Affordable Housing 

The Club has committed to agreeing a set of viability assumptions with the Council and to sharing, on an “open book” basis, the actual costs incurred and values realised during the life of the project. If during the process the project economics turn out better than expected, affordable housing contributions will be triggered.

Training and employment opportunities

Construction, training and long term operational skills opportunities will be provided across the stadium. There will also be further employment opportunities in residential, retail and hotel development, in partnership with local businesses and education providers.

Kew Bridge Station

The Club has agreed a commitment of £250,000 to Network Rail as a contribution towards Kew Bridge Station improvements. This £250,000 is in addition to the improvements the Club will make to access routes, including opening the underpass beneath Lionel Road South from the London bound platform. This will provide links from the development site to the station, via a ramp which will give disabled access and via stairs which will enable children to walk between station platforms and Kew Bridge School without crossing the public highway.

Griffin Park

In addition, the Club is committed to Section 106 contributions in relation to the redevelopment of Griffin Park under an existing outline residential planning permission. The redevelopment of Griffin Park will also deliver new homes on brownfield land and contribute to the regeneration of Brentford town centre.

Our stadium move can only be secured with your help. If you want the Club to remain in Brentford and believe the Club and the Community Sports Trust are invaluable assets to the community then please contact the GLA in the next week and declare your support. The Mayor needs to hear your views before he reviews the matter on 29th January.

To email your support to the Mayor Boris Johnson, Sir Eddie Lister and the Strategic Planner David Blankson-Hemans please click here.

As a reminder, you will find some examples of the benefits of the application below:

• Transport: extensive modelling undertaken and Club has committed to working with local groups over coming months to press for further public transport improvements to contributions already being made.
• Housing: over 900 new homes for London – and, if economic conditions improve, contributions to affordable homes.
• Heritage and views: detailed consultation with Kew Gardens and local residents over past 18 months and over 30 agreed views produced, heights reduced and our preferred bidder for the role of development partner has provided accurate indicative views rather than misleading one circulated by opponents.
• Jobs and community benefits: there will be a substantial amount of new jobs created for residents in Hounslow as well as significant community benefits including a larger, purpose built space for the Hounslow Interim Education Centre.

For those unable to email or who prefer to send a letter you can write individually to the Mayor Boris Johnson, Sir Edward Lister and David Blankson-Hemans (including the reference no. P/2013/1811) at the addresses below:

It is essential David Blankson-Hemans is copied into your email or sent a copy of your letters.

Mayor Boris Johnson,
Mayor of London, Greater London Authority,
City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, More London,
London, SE1 2AA.

Sir Eddie Lister,
Chief of Staff and Deputy Mayor, Policy and Planning, Greater London Authority,
City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, More London,
London, SE1 2AA.

David Blankson-Hemans, Senior Strategic Planner, Greater London Authority,
City Hall, The Queen’s Walk, More London,
London, SE1 2AA.

In all correspondence please remember to include your name and full postal address.