Suspension of New Memberships

Due to the Announcement of the Wolves game being declared ‘All Ticket’ membership applications to join BIAS that were received after 8th January will not be fully processed.

Tickets for the Wolves game will be sold in accordance to the Football Club’s Charter which read as follows:

4.1. For ‘All Ticket’ home matches the Club will sell tickets in the following order of priority subject to availability.

Discretion will be applied to the number of tickets available to each applicant:

1. Season Ticket Holders
2. Members of the official Club Membership scheme and Junior Bees (We will allocate loyalty points against ticket purchases and the more points gained will see the supporter elevated in the priority queue).
3. Members of BIAS, the Lifeline Society, Golden Gate Lottery and Bees Player Subscribers (if tickets remain and at the discretion of the Football Club).
4. Those with a previous Booking history with the Club
5. General Sale (if tickets remain and at the discretion of the Football Club).

BIAS anticipates that BIAS members could receive priority booking for this match should tickets still be available after Season Ticket Holders and those with Club Membership have had the option to buy.

We strongly recommend that Brentford fans who are not Season Ticket Holders purchase Club Membership as it is possible ‘in our opinion’ that the Customer Charter could again be implemented again this season (Preston at Home, Orient Away and at any games where, should our Clubs form continue, we could either win Promotion or the Title)

Please do consider that as the Club membership grows, fewer or no tickets will be available those in the third category.