Brentford FC Remembrance Game 2014

Remembrance - picture by Vicky Page
Remembrance – picture by Vicky Page

BIAS would like to thank Brentford FC for remembering the lives of all supporters who died in 2013.


After a suggestion from BIAS three years ago,. Brentford Football Club now remembers all those who died in the previous year, at the first home league game of the New Year  

We know for posts on Facebook how much the initiative was appreciated by those who had loved ones remembered

The match day programme listed the following people:

Officers: Ron Noades (Chairman) 

Players: Gerry Baker; Peter Broadbent; Ron Fenton 

Supporters: John Ashton; Robert Brown; David Chapman; Alan Collins; Kate Cousins; David Davison; Philip Garth Fisher; Geoffrey Green; Julie Green; Robert Green; Michael Garmonsway; Clive Graham; Kenneth Gristwood; Jack Groves; Barry Hampton; Ted Henning; Katrina Holland; Angela Hopson; Michael Jacques; Pauline Juett; Doug Lewis; Bill Lovell; Nigel Martin; Ron Maskell; Patrick Kevin Murphy; Jim Needs; Terry O’Sullivan; David Oates; Ken Shallis; Linda Slade; Jim Sexton; Michael Turner; Doreen Westbury; Charles Whitlock; Michael Wickham; Bill Worley