Fans Remembrance Game


Brentford FC’s third Annual Remembrance game to remember all Brentford supporters who passed away in 2013 has been scheduled to take place when the Bees entertain Port Vale on the 11th January which is firstt home game of the New Year.

For the past two seasons, after a suggestion form BIAS, Brentford FC have held an Annual Remembrance game, so that the lives of all recently departed supporters, players and former club employees could be remembered.

It is anticipated that that the programme will list the names of all former players, employees and supporters who have died during 2013.

If you know of somebody whose name should be included on the list, please e-mail Mark Chapman at Brentford FC with the details before 10am on Monday 6th January 2014

A minute’s applause for all Brentford fans who have passed away has been requested.