Planning Officers Recommend Approval of Lionel Road Stadium

This does not mean that approval is a formality or that there is no need to attend the Planning Committee if you can, but…

the officers’ report recommends approval of the development subject to suitable S106 agreements, the application being referred both to the Mayor of London and the Secretary of State and other details.

The officers from the Planning Department are responsible for evaluating the application and summarising the details and arguments for and against (see section 12 of their 200 odd page report). This report will be taken into consideration by the planning committee when they meet on December 5th. It doesn’t make the decision a formality and you do still have to turn up.

Read the agenda and associated paperwork at the council website.

The meeting takes place at 7:30 on Thursday, 5 December, at the Lampton Park Conference Centre, and given the significant interest in the application, the council has decided to webcast the meeting.

Cllr Pritam Grewal, cabinet member for communications and communities said:

“It’s great to see so much interest in this application, and shows people really care about their local area.

“Given the level of interest we wanted a way to make sure everyone can see how the decision is made, and webcasting seemed a neat solution.

“This way people can watch the meeting from the comfort of their own home, without having to worry about getting to the meeting on time.”

The webcast of the meeting will be available at

Only watch the webcast if you cannot turn up in person. Numbers matter.