BIAS have been Busy Bees

BIAS have been Busy Bees

It has been just over two week since the Associations AGM was held and it has been virtually non stop for BIAS since then.

You may have seen the BIAS volunteers trying to galvanise support for Lionel Road stadium immediately after our AGM at the Shrewsbury game. BIAS volunteers also surrendered their pre match entertainment when we played Staines Town in the FA Cup to distribute the Lionel Road Stadium Update.

The Lionel Road Stadium Update was produced by the BIAS Stadium Action Group (StAG) and is available on the BIAS website. A shortened version was included in the program and on the Clubs official website.

The StAG team, which consists of over twenty volunteers have held a meeting to discuss and formulate the latest plans for the Lionel Road campaign and will be making announcements as these are rolled out.

BIAS volunteers have also been pounding the streets of Chiswick and Gunnersbury delivering a letter from Brian Burgess one of the directors of the Club’s Lionel Road development company, to the local residents.

The new BIAS committee have already had their first meeting and have assigned themselves roles and responsibilities.

Members of the BIAS committee have also met with representatives of the West Chiswick and Gunnesbury Society (WCGS) to explore common ground in relation to the proposed stadium scheme at Lionel Road.

The BIAS website has been re-launched to make it more user friendly for tablets and mobile phones. This was a massive task as over a thousand news stories had to be transferred over from the old site and involved a lot training.

The new website is updated almost every day.

The Away travel Guides for the games at Wolverhampton Wanderers and Notts County have been published on the BIAS webpages and our website now carries the Brentford Women’s FC fixtures who we would like to support more.

As usual, the second Monday of the month saw the Hive hosting The Griffin Park Jazz Club where the Alley Cats Jazz Band provide the tunes.

We have also added two new Membership Benefits (The Griffin and Starman Products) the details of which can be found on under Membership Benefits on the BIAS website and we are currently liaising with other establishments with the hope of being able to announce few more soon.

In the next couple of day BIAS volunteers will be tweeting and reporting from the Fans Forum, will be distributing the Lionel Road Stadium Update prior to the Crewe Alexandra fixture and will once again be Out and About within the Community to promote Brentford FC.

Membership of BIAS is as little as £12 per year, although members wishing to give more are able to do so. Most of our members pay by Standing Order from just £1 per month.

If you are not already a member please join us and support our work .