BIAS latest Lionel Road leaflet


Volunteers were once again giving up their pre match entertainment to distribute BIAS latest leaflet on Brentford Football Club’s application for a Community Stadium at Lionel Road South.

The four page pamphlet which can be downloaded here explained that the issue of a new stadium for Brentford FC is the most crucial issue to have faced the Football Club in more than a generation.

A positive outcome at Hounslow Borough’s Planning Committee meeting on 5th December will transform the finances of the Club; whilst a negative outcome could return us to an age of uncertainty.


FA Cup Poster, Nov 2013

The BIAS pamphlet advised Bees fans that if they had not yet done so it was not too late to write or email for the first time.

The leaflet also gave good reasons for those who had already written to write or email for a second time.

Time to get involved is running out, and supporters who wish to support the application will need to take action this week and emphasised that a strong response from Bees fans at this crucial stage could make all the difference in determining the success of the Football Clubs application.