Delivering Letters in W4

In recent days volunteers have been pounding the streets of Chiswick and Gunnersbury delivering a letter from Brian Burgess one of the directors of the Club’s Lionel Road development company, to the local residents.

2013-11 BCS stadium updateThere has been considerable coverage and discussion about the impact of Brentford Football Club’s proposals to build a stadium at Lionel Road South and the outline application for enabling residential developments necessary to finance the stadium.

Throughout this process Brentford Football Club has done everything possible to maintain its excellent reputation as a good neighbour and has tried to be as open and transparent as possible. These letters provide local residents with accurate information about the impacts of the Football Club’s proposals, in response to concerns raised which have been based on incorrect or misleading information. This information campaign further demonstrates how hard the Football Club is working to address local concerns and to bring forward a development of which all residents in Hounslow Borough can be proud.

BIAS are extremely grateful to Paul Stedman, Rhys Williams, Anna Mason, Bela Cunha, Andrew Wainwright, Bob Perry, Phil Marchant and Christopher Ryan for their efforts.