Bees Chiefs urge fans to back Lionel Road

Lionel Road Pitch view of main stand
Lionel Road Pitch view of main stand

Brentford supporters will know whether the Lionel Road application has been passed by Hounslow Council this time next month.

There is still time for fans to send their letters of support to the council but that is running out.

The planning committee are likely to be collating the letters for and against within the next 10 days so time is of the essence to support the club ahead of the biggest date in our history.

In the past week both chief executive Mark Devlin and manager Uwe Rosler have been quoted by London24 urging supporters to keep backing the project by writing to the council.

Devlin said: “We’re very keen to get the message out to our supporters and people who want to see this development go ahead, not just for the football club but for what it will bring to the area.

“We’re very grateful to BIAS and the GPG to help get the message out to encourage fans to put in a letter of support.

“There should be no taking it for granted and for some people to reiterate their support to the development.

“I’ve always adopted the line that nobody is taking anything for granted. It’s too big a development for us to do that.

“We do think it’s a positive development. I do think we’ll get the decision that is right for the club and the area.”

He went on to say: “We would ask them to get them in as soon as possible. Certainly by mid November at the very latest.

“My sense is that’s when the council will begin to assimilate everything. As soon as they’re able to email and send the letter in they should do so.”

His words were echoed by Rosler who said: “The stadium is absolutely crucial for the club going forward.

“Griffin Park is charming and traditional and I enjoy the special atmosphere there but to generate money the club can’t rely on [owner] Matthew Benham.

“You only need to see in our league what we have to compete with in terms of stadium income.

“It’s crucial for the future of Brentford that this planning goes through and the club can look forward and build to the future.”

You can email your comments via this link direct to Hounslow Planning Dept (cc’d to Mary Macleod MP for Brentford)

Alternatively, the email address is

Or go though the Hounslow Council website.

Or By Post to: Development Management, London Borough of Hounslow, Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow TW3 4DN.

If you live in the London Borough of Hounslow, to ensure maximum impact it is important to copy in your ward councillors in any email you send to Hounslow Council. Please click on your ward at the bottom of the page to send an email to your councillors.

If you are unsure which ward you are in please check here.

It is most important that you include reference no. 00703/A/P11 and your name and your full postal address when you send in your support.

Click one of the links below for email links to the Hounslow Planning Department and cc’d to relevant Ward Councillors in Hounslow Borough and Mary Macleod MP.