Lionel Road: The final whistle is approaching, our opponents are on the attack and we need your help to shore up our defence

Lionel Road

With all the on-pitch drama recently supporters may have missed developments off the pitch which represent a grave threat to Brentford Football Club’s future prospects on and off the field. We need YOU to write in NOW – even if you’ve already done so – to show your support and help ensure the club’s bright future.

Whilst our eyes have been off the ball opponents to Brentford Football Club’s plans for a new stadium are leading a strong counter attack against the Club. Our opponents aren’t playing fair either: a campaign of misinformation is being waged throughout Chiswick with leaflets being posted street by street and attached to trees along the high road full of exaggerated claims about the impacts of this development on the lives of residents.

Unfortunately their campaign is having an impact: Hundreds of Chiswick residents have written letters of opposition to the Council in the last week alone. The opposition campaign is also putting pressure on local Councillors to think again and there are signs that some local politicians are increasingly critical of the planning application, despite previously supporting the stadium and residential plans in principle. Indeed there are signs that our opponents and some councillors are looking to turn opposition to the stadium into an election issue in 2014.

The risks to the club’s future should this application failing are massive. It would delay Brentford Football Club’s ambitions for a new home hosting Championship football by years, possibly longer.  Any new application would have to be introduced after the 2014 local elections and political support is likely to be weaker should this bid fail. Indeed if the political consensus in support of a new stadium for Brentford in Brentford does not survive the next election, Brentford Football Club’s future could be put on hold indefinitely.

Even if you have written before, filled out a postcard or signed a petition there is still more you can do. Hounslow Council’s consultation is still open. New comments from residents, including those who have written before, are being sought. Information on what the club is currently doing can be found at:



•     Navigate to planning search and use reference number below and click on documents. All the documents dated 3/10/2013 are those recently submitted.

This is no time for Brentford supporters to be stood idle on the touchline. The final whistle is approaching and we need you on the pitch, kicking every ball and helping the club score the most important goal in its history. Never has our future been more dependent on you, the supporters of Brentford Football Club.