BIAS AGM feedback

Saturday BIAS AGM was really positive with the committee being increased in size so that the Association can continue to expand and be more representative.

The BIAS AGM was held on Saturday prior to Brentford FC’s home game against Shrewsbury.

Considering that Hey Jude BIAS were playing at Feltham and that a lot of Brentford fans were bringing guests to the Pay What You can fixture the AGM was well attended.

David Gathergood delivered the Finance Officer report in which he relayed that membership and subscription levels were the best for several years.

As a result BIAS were able to continue our Sponsorship of the BIAS Stand, supported the Brentford FC OAP Christmas Lunch Party and provided a wall mounted Television at Jersey Road which is being used to assist with the players training.

The membership support has allowed the BIAS to fund our Stadium Action Groups campaign for a new stadium with enabling development at Lionel Road.

David closed his report by thanking the membership for their continued support which strengthens our ability to keep BIAS as an independent voice.

Richard Merritt delivered the Chairperson’s annual report on the previous year’s activities in which it was stated that it had been a successful year for BIAS and one in which the Association had grown in many ways.

It was agreed by all present that the membership rate for Adults should stay at £1 a month and a month and that the qualifying upper age limit of FREE Junior membership should be raised from 16 to 18.

A small amendment was made to the BIAS Constitution Amendments when the proposal that the size of the BIAS Committee should be entrusted to an Executive Committee of at least five (previously 4) but not more than twelve (previously 10) members representing each of the Association’s sections.

The following were elected as the officers of the Association:
• Richard Merritt – Chair
• David Gathergood – Finance Officer
• Adam Hobbs – Secretary

In addition the following were elected as the members of the Executive Committee:
• Darrell Goddard
• Adam Lowe
• Phil Marchant
• Anna Mason
• Tom Moore
• Kath Richardson
• Christopher Ryan
• Jan Smith
• Rhys Williams

After a good debate it was agreed that BIAS should back the Football Associations Twenty is Plenty campaign for away ticket prices and that “BIAS should in a manner deemed appropriate by the Executive Committee provide some sponsorship for Brentford Woman’s FC”