Can you assist BIAS for an hour prior to the Shrewsbury Town game?

With a bumper crowd expected for the Shrewsbury Town game – BIAS would like to reach out to all of those visiting Griffin Park for the first time this season to gain their support for Lionel Road.


BIAS will have a presence at this match where will we have postcards for those who have not yet written to the council which contain the majority of the information needed, with space available for the individual to add his or her comments and leaflets to assist those who would prefer to e-mail their support.

To do the above we will need as many volunteers as possible.

We need to talk to every Brentford fan in attendance asking if they have written to the council and if they have not to ask them to complete “A Wish You Were Here” postcard or to give leaflet.

We have the cards, the pens, the clipboards, what we need now is YOU.

If you can assist please get in touch.