If you have not already done so please back the Lionel Road plans

Wish you were here!

There is still no room for complacency about Brentford’s bid for a new home on Lionel Road. BIAS strongly urges you to write in to the council and demonstrate that there is support for the plans as support for plans is far from universal and Brentford won’t get a new ground without our own fans saying they actually want it.

  Wish you were here!

Any supporters who feel that approval on the plans is a formality; or have held back on their support might like to consider the comments of the Deputy Mayor of London  WHICH CAN BE READ HERE

Whilst we believe that the Club’s plans on Lionel Road have adequately addressed the main issues raised in the Deputy Mayor’s note it does underline the importance for ALL Brentford fans to support the Club’s proposals. It also is a timely reminder of the importance of support from fans who live outside the Borough of the role they have to play – in this instance particularly residents of Richmond Borough. If you live in Richmond you should also email your support to Richmond Council who are conducting their own consultation – this can be done here

Richmond residents can also email their support

The application was submitted at the end of May and a decision is likely to be made during either October or November.

The plan is for a 20,000 seat capacity stadium: providing much-needed community facilities; new homes and jobs and increased revenue for local businesses, rejuvenating an area in urgent need of redevelopment; and a modern stadium with facilities to match. It’s a “win” for the local community and a “win” for Brentford FC.

If you are able to assist BIAS on Saturday – if only for 30 minutes before kick-off, please contact us by email

Full contact details of how to register your support on Lionel Road CAN BE FOUND HERE

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