LIONEL ROAD – time to redouble support!

BIAS has always recognised that there would be significant opposition to proposals for a new stadium. Members of the team attended the recent public meeting in Chiswick and witnessed at first hand the opposition.

It is BIAS’ belief that much of this opposition is misjudged and often inaccurate – there is, however, no mistaking the sincerity of the views held by opponents to the scheme.

You can get a flavour for some of the opposition by following this link which contains a press release.

Given the opposition, it is important to redouble our efforts and make clear the support that exists for the new development. There is still time – It is our understanding that a date has not yet been set for the Planning Committee meeting. It had originally been scheduled for October, however BIAS understands that this is likely to be put back a few back a few week as a result of the Council’s ongoing investigations into the planning application.

This gives us an opportunity to make clear the massive support that exists for the scheme. BIAS recognises that many Brentford supporters have already pledged their support for Lionel Road – by letter, email, online, or by completing one of our postcards – we thank you for all for your efforts; but as a whole we have to say it is not yet enough.

• You may have already pledged your support – but have you asked your friends, neighbours, work colleagues to do the same?

• Who did you go to Wembley with? More than 20,000 Brentford supporters were at Wembley for the play off final last May. Have you urged everyone who went with you for the Wembley final to pledge their support?

BIAS volunteers will be out in force at the Rotherham fixtures with postcards – please make sure you take one for a relative or a friend who has not yet pledged their support. If you can bring a completed postcard to either fixture we will forward on your behalf to Hounslow Council, or you can return it to the address pre-printed on the postcards.

Brentford supporters should be under no illusions that the Planning Committee decision on Lionel Road is likely to be the most significant single factor to affect the future on Brentford FC in a generation. If the stadium proposal is given the go ahead by Hounslow Council, then it would transform the finances of the Football Club and put it on a path to a sustainable future; rejection will return us to an age of uncertainty.

The future of Brentford Football Club is in the balance and it is time for all Brentford supporters to redouble their support – in the face of the considerable opposition this scheme is facing.

The BIAS “Wish You Were Here” Postcards are only one way to show your support for the Lionel Road Community Stadium.

Your support MUST include reference no. 00703/A/P11 and your name and your FULL postal address.

• You can also email to

• Or By Post to: Development Management, London Borough of Hounslow, Civic Centre, Lampton Road, Hounslow TW3 4DN.

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