BIAS Match Day Experience Team

BIAS are pleased to announce that Anna Mason will be taking over the Match Day Experience lead role.

The role was fulfilled by Madeleine Tarrant, who has taken up employment with Brentford FC and ‘Mads’ is wished well with her new role and thanked for her efforts, input and valuable feedback.

The Match Day experience team exist is to seek the views and to provide feedback, opinions and eye witness accounts so that the Association can provide constructive feedback to Brentford FC.

The group of supporters who make up the BIAS Match Day Experience Team will continue to liaise via e-mail to provide their comments and these will be collated and fed back by Anna.

BIAS would like more people to make a difference by getting involved to provide both positive and negative feedback, as we believe it is good to catch people getting it right rather than just moaning when things go wrong.

Throughout the season, BIAS and the Match day experience team will run a few online polls so that we capture an overall consensus of how well the club is doing, identify the causes of concern and relay back reported improvements.

To get involved, to join the Match Day Experience Team and to play your part please e-mail

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